Mini Review By Sarah Thompson

Here's another convention zine. I gather these were contest- winning stories. I only have photocopies of the stories themselves, plus the cover; I don't know whether there may have been a table of contents and/or editorial in the original zine.

I assume the con had something to do with the Vilaworld club, since their raccoon mascot appears on the cover, peering throught the "O" in the title. (Also, the general appearance of the zine is very similar to Interface.) The rest of the cover is a nice drawing of Vila by Vikki Weidner, which isn't credited (unless perhaps on a contents page missing from the copy I have) but which I recognized because it was also used as an illo for the Kathy Hintze story in Anglo File.


[no publication info given]
Date: [1984]
Format: A4, 48 pp.

(Category: B7: Under 18)
Darrell H. Grisham, "Flight of the Mind" (S3; V)
Darrell H. Grisham, "No-one's Home" (S0; oc)

(Category: B7: 18+)
Ros Williams, "Our Job Centre Will Be Sure to Place You" (S1; V-ocm; humor)
Virginia Turpin, "Friends in High Places" (S0; ocm-?)
Virginia Turpin, "Near Miss" (S3; ?/ocf)
Rosie Peck, "Requiem for Heroes" (S5)
Claire Jordan, "Conversation Piece" (S4; A-V-ocf)

?, "Dear Idiot"

[Vikki Weidner] cover V

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