Mini Review By Sarah Thompson

If James Ide is really male, then I'm very surprised, because this novel is in fact a genre romance. The only real action is the series of misunderstandings between the lovers, Avon and Cally. Oddly enough, this is ostensibly set in the universe of =Avon: Terrible Aspect=, but the tone is very different. During Series 3, Avon and Cally are stranded for some time on a planet. When another man courts Cally, Avon begins to realize his own feelings for her. Back on the ship, they begin an affair. What happens on Terminal is rather different from what Avon lets the others believe and sets up the possibility of a sequel.

According to my information, the projected third volume, =Quest=, was eventually rewritten as a play and published in that form, though I've never seen it; but I don't think that part 2, =Journey=, was ever published at all. I could be wrong, of course. Remember, I didn't think that =Desperado= had ever made it to print, but now I have my very own copy.

Ide has a very smooth, readable style; but since I'm not very fond of romances in general (unless they also include hot sex or adventure or best of all both), I confess that I was a little bored by this one. Recommended if you like romances, but not otherwise. The illustrations, full-page portraits of the third-season crew, are very nice.


UNDERCURRENTS, Another Aspect of Blake's 7 (novel by James Ide; part 1 of a projected 3; AATA universe; S3-4-5; A/C, D/Ta)
Publisher: New Moon (Harrisville, RI)
Book design: Leslie Mundy
Date: 1991
Format: letter size, [6] + 189 + [5] pp., blue card cover, perfect binding

James Ide, "A Note from the Author"
info on author and artist
ad for part 2, [Cally's] Journey, and part 3, [Avon's]
zine ordering info

Carole Swoboda cover 5 small portraits, as inside
p. 5 C
p. 51 A
p. 105 Ta
p. 153 D
p. 161 V
Leslie Mundy pp. [191-2] cartoon animal

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