Mini Review By Sarah Thompson

Here's another oldie from the same group that did =They Were Only Stunned=. This one appears to have been written during the second series, judging from the stories and the ads for other zines. The photocopy I have also has a second cover or title page with a 4th- series publicity photo of Avon, but I'm assuming that was something that was put on later (either for a reprint edition, or by an owner of the zine); the typeface doesn't match. On that second cover it's explicitly described as "a 'get-Avon' zine." I continue to be amazed at how the desire to hurt the computer expert cropped up so early and so often! (I didn't describe "Consequence" as "A-hc" because in that one the hurt is pretty evenly distributed among the characters.)


Editors/publishers: Dolores Whitbread, Sue Trent, and Angela Churm (Stalybridge, Cheshire)
Date: [1979?]
Format: A4, 53 pp.

Dolores Whitbread, "In the Eye of the Beholder" (S2; A-hc)
Sue Trent, "Abandoned" (S2; A-V, A-hc)
Angela M. Churm, "Consequence" (S2)

Ads for Liberator; Spacefall; and A Woman's Place, Delirium, and Freya

Dolores Whitbread cover Liberator

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