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(novel by Jean Graham, in the form of a series of stories, partly reprinted from B7 COMPLEX; S5; A)
Editor: Jean Graham
Publisher: Peacock Press
Date: 1988
Format: letter size, 191 pp., slick silver card front cover, white card back cover, black comb binding

Chapter titles:
"No Safe Harbor" (reprinted from B7 COMPLEX #11)
"Mirage" (reprinted from B7 COMPLEX #13)
"Exiles" (reprinted from B7 COMPLEX #14)
"The Resurrectionist" (reprinted from B7 COMPLEX #15)
"Spectres" (reprinted from B7 COMPLEX #16)
"The Only Reality"

Judith Boguslawski cover J, V, A-Se, C
(all illos, p. 7 A-Se, ocs all new) p. 20 A-ocm
p. 27 V, Se-ocm
p. 38 Ta-ocms
p. 50 Ta-ocms
p. 85 V-Se
p. 96 A-Se
p. 114 A-Se-V-Ta
p. 124 A-V
p. 130 C-V-A
p. 137 J-A-ocs
p. 154 V
p. 177 A/J
p. 187 A, ghosts of Se & B
Deborah Walsh p. 3 A; tp for "No Safe Harbor"
(all illos, p. 13 A-ocm; illo for "No Safe"
all reprinted) p. 31b A; illo for "Mirage"
p. 41 V; illo for "Exiles"
p. 45 A; illo for "Exiles"
p. 62 ocf; illo for "Exiles"
p. 65 tp for "Resurrectionist"
p. 89 tp for "Spectres"
(J. Arlene Gogan) p. 16 spaceship; illo for "Mirage;" reprinted)
(Michael Williams?) p. 69a A
p. 85a Ta
p. 137a A

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