KLYN'S SEVEN or How to Really Run a Revolution
Editors: Jennifer Bass and Tammy Riden (Albany, NY)
Publisher: Yatian Press
Date: 1989
Format: letter size, 60 pp., stapled

Julie Nowak, "Spring Klyning" (The Black-and-White Blake's 7 series; S2; humor)
Jean Airey, "The Third Man" (S3 or S4; B-Klyn)
Jennifer Bass, "Summer Vacation" (sequel to "Klyn in Charge" in SON OF SPACE ODDITY; S5; Klyn; humor)
Tammy Riden, "Storyteller" (S5; Klyn)
F. Eric Zuckerman, "The Real Villain" (alt-S4, alt-Blake; humor)
Tammy Riden, "Blood Feud" (S5; Klyn)
Julie A. Nowak, "Quiet City" (S5; A-Klyn)

Jennifer Bass, "Greetings from the Rubber Room" (editorial)
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Julie Nowak, cartoons: front cover, inside front cover, pp. 3, 7, 12, 15, 16, 20, 21, 24, 35, 37, 39, inside back cover
Julie Nowak, serious illustrations: pp. 48, 60
Theresa Buffaloe, back cover, "Portrait of Janet"

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