Novel by Sheila Paulson; B7 fantasy AU/Max and the Master crossover
Publisher: Starlines Press (Eugene, OR)
Date: January 1988

Art, all illos of the story characters:
Sheila Paulson front c. B, A, V, Ta, Max & The Master
p. 4 A
p. 8 broken window
p. 98 Max-V
Barb Johnson front c. castle
p. 25 landscape
p. 96 castle
Suzan Molnar p. 26 B, The Master, A
p. 38 B-Ta
p. 45 The Master-V
p. 56 Max-The Master
p. 69 A-The Master
p. 78 Ta-The Master
p. 113 Se-The Master
p. 125 V-J-ocm child
back c. The Master
? inside back c. map

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