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Mini Review By Sarah Thompson

These I'm not so fond of. I love P. N. Elrod's serious fiction, both fannish (her =Avon: On-Line= zines are excellent) and pro (her assorted vampire novels), but her Vogon humor doesn't do a lot for me. IMO the best thing is Renae Ransdorf's wacky Monkees-style AU, reprinted from =Standard by Several=.


Editor: P. N. Elrod
Publisher: Map Press
Date: May 1989
Format: letter size, ii + 80 pp. (incl. inside covers), yellow card covers, black comb binding; plus small paper bag labelled "Blake's Barf Bag"

B7 fiction
Saith O'r Gloch, "Elvis Spotted on Gauda Prime" (AU in form of news report; humor)
Map, "The Vogon Sequel to 'Blake'" (S5; humor)
Corpusal Melanoma, "What If... I Were a Rich Man (Woman) Man (Woman), or, Who Is This Blake Person, Anyway?" (AU; humor)
Renae' Ransdorf, "Mike's 5" (graphic story; B7 enacted by The Monkees; reprinted from STANDARD BY SEVERAL #1)
Map, "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Gauda Prime" (script with filks; parody of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum; humor)

B7 nonfiction
"Dowit's Profile: Kerr Avon" (humor)

"Blake's Bear the Bundt of Command Cake," "Avon's Terrible Aspic," "Jenna's JellO," "Servalan's Sultry Eggs," "Krantor's Kinky Potatke Cakes," "Vila's Locks and Bagels, " "Cally's Contemplative Tea," "Gan's Giant Cookie," "A Recipe, Source Unknown (Found in the Remains of Control on Earth)" (recipes, real and fake; humor)

"Dowit's Profile: Vila Restal" (humor)
"Green Sectors" (parody of Green Acres; humor)
"Dowit's Profile: Roj Blake" (humor)
assorted clippings with captions (humor)

B7 poetry
"Blake's Ballad" (f, The Lumberjack Song)
Webee Toize, "Rhymes," "Blake's Bitch," "Mutoid's Lament"
Soolin Stravinsky, "The Blake's 7 Suite: A Musical Tribute to the Series"

1. "Vila's Drinking Song"
2. "Soolin's Soliloguy" (f, Can't Help Lovin' That Man 'o Mine)
3. "Blake Substitute" (f, My Name Is Yohn Yohnson)
4. "Dangerous Dayna" (a rap song)
5. "Somebody's Tapping Me" (f, Somebody's Watching Me)
6. "Interference on All Channels" (f, My Favorite Things)
7. "Jenna, Jenna (Zen Can Run the Ship)" (f, Jenny, Jenny)
8. "Let's Hear It for My Gan" (f, Let's Hear It for the Boy)
9. "How Do You Solve a Riddle Like Servalan?" (f, How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?)
10. "It's Not Easy Being Blake" (f, It's Not Easy Being Green)
11. "Blake's 7 Finale" (f, Try to Remember)

Map, "A-Va-Va-Voom" (A)
Webee Toize, "With Grovelling Apologies to Mom Goose"

B7 art
YOG front c. A as Elvis
Lynne Alisse Witten p. 11 A cartoon (Dowitt ad illo)
p. 37 V cartoon (Dowitt ad illo)
p. 80 B cartoon (Dowitt ad illo)
doctored photo p. 41 A-Se; Green Sectors illo
Renae' Ransdorf pp. 43-51 "Mike's 5"

Other fandoms: HHGG, STTNG, ST, DW, BATB, ROS

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