Editor: Deborah M. Walsh
Publisher: Pursuit Press (Malden, MA)
Date: July 1988

Lisa Millraney, "Starfall" (S0)
Cindy Henry, "Galactic Monotony" (S1)
Jeff Morris, "The Fine Art of Persuasion" (S1)
Kathy Coy, "Devious Devices" (S1)
Kathy Coy, "Practically an Epilogue" (S1)
Celeste Hotaling, "Keeping a Straight Face" (S2; humor)
April Giordano, "More Luck Than Skill" (S2)
Sue Wells, "One Star Lost" (S2)
Pam London, "B7 Delta" (S3; sequel to Bartender in B7 Complex 14)
Limda Knights, "Reflections: The Mirror's Image" (S3)
Tyndara Meffe and Joyce Riffle (S3; Red Queen universe; sequel to Strategies; A/C)
L. A. Carr, "A Most Curious Conversation" (S4; Max Headroom crossover; O-Max dialogue)
Jeanne DeVore, "Forgiveness" (S4)
Mary Gerstner and April Giordano, "In Search Of" (S4)
Sophia Mulvey, "Hope for a New Tomorrow" (S4; sequel to "It's a Wonderful LIfe?" in B7 Complex 14)
Laura Chevening, "Gauda Prime: The 7569th True Story" (S5)
Amy F. Sutter, "Night Thoughts" (S5)
Doris Beetem and Renee Ransdorf, "Breaking Point" (S5)
Kathy Hintze, "Sweet Dreams Are Made of Things" (S5;
sequel to "Reunion at Terminal" and "A Dream for Some, A Nightmare for Others" in B7 Complex 5/6)
Renee Ransdorf, "Nor Iron Bars" (S5)
Jean Graham, "The Resurrectionist" (S5; Mirage 4)

Non Fiction:
Celeste Hotaling, "The Wild Child's Guide to the Fourth
Season" (cartoons; humor)

Evelyn Adrian and Linda Evans, "I Dig British Television" (f, I Dig Rock & Roll Music)
Alyns Lawchilde, "Elegy"

Laura Virgil front c. V
Lynne Witten p. 10 V
Wilma Douglas p. 28 B
p. 134 V
Deborah M. Walsh p. 43 A-C; illo for "Lord"
p. 73 v; illo for "Hope"
p. 92 illo for "Sweet Dreams"
p. 145 illo for "Resurrectionist"
Celeste Hotaling pp. 56-61 Wild Child cartoons
Mary Gerstner p. 71 B-Rambo A cartoon

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