Editor: Deborah M. Walsh
Publisher: Pursuit Press (Malden, MA)
Date: January 1988

Rebecca Reeves, "Companions for My Death" (S1; C)
Sue Wells, "After the Amagon Attempt" (S1)
Heather Saavedra, "Safer Subjects" (S2; A-V dialogue)
Holly Hutchison, Kim Kindas, and Alicia Ann Fox, "Elf Seven: A New Way" (graphic story; AU B7 in Elfquest universe)
Sophia R. Mulvey, "It's a Wonderful Life?" (late S2; V)
Pam London, "Bartender" (S3)
Meg Atkinson, "White Wedding" (S4; humor)
Laurie E. Cohen, "Coup de Gras" (S5)
Jean Graham, "Exiles" (S5; Mirage 3)

Non Fiction:
Deborah M. Walsh, "Scorpio Rising" (editorial)
Kathy Coy and Cindy Henry, "Buttons 7," "Button World," "Hordes of Hairy Buttons," "Button Base," "Button Space," "Button Flotilla" (button sayings; humor)
"Vila's Picks and LoCs"
Zine ads
"You are receiving this zine because..."

Mary Robertson, "Fire Dance"
Mary Robertson, "I Enjoy Being a Thief" (f, I Enjoy Being a Girl)
Mary Robertson, "Blake's Lament" (f, Johnny Be Fair)
Tyndara Meffe and Joyce Riffle, "I Met a Boy Named Avon"
(f, Frank Mills, from Hair)
Julie A. Nowak, "Travis's Lament"
Kathy Coy and Cindy Henry, "The Twelve Days of Christmas"
(f; Version 1, Version 2, Version 3)
Mary Robertson, "Carol on the Liberator"
Liz Sharpe, "Harbinger"
Tyndara Meffe, "Lethal Lady's Lament" (f, I Really Lived Harold, by Melanie)
Pat Nussman, "Last Call"
Susan Segal, "Avon's Lesson" (f, Candle in the Wind, by Elton John)
Liz Sharpe, "Dark Hours Suite"
Mary Robertson, "Running Away"
Hillary King, Untitled

Nancy E. Kolar cover B
Deborah M. Walsh p. 6 B, C
p. 54 V, ocm; illo for "It's a"
p. 70 Elvira; illo for "White"
p. 87 V
p. 94 A
p. 102 ocf; illo for "Exiles"
p. 108 Tr1
Julie Nowak p. 8 V; cartoon
p. 66 A; cartoon
p. 75 A-B; cartoon
p. 79 A-B; cartoon
Kathy Coy and Cindy Henry, pp. 13, 43, 62, 65, 71, 76 (button designs)
Holly Hutchison pp. 18-42 "Elf Seven"
Susann Molnar p. 44 C
Mary Robertson p. 109 A
Sheila Paulson back c. Ta

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