Editor: Deborah M. Walsh
Publisher: Pursuit Press (Malden, MA)
Date: August 1986

Deborah M. Walsh, "Ground Zero" (S2; Avon's 8 universe)
Leah Rosenthal and Ann Wortham, "The Bizarro Zone" (S2; humor)
Deborah M. Walsh, "Bored Without Blake: Travis" (late S2)
Deborah M. Walsh, "Bored Without Blake: Servalan" (S3; post-Volcano)
Alex Delicado, "Turning Point" (Alt-S4)

Non Fiction:
Deborah M. Walsh, "Scorpio Rising"
Advertisement: Blake and Company Rebel Ferry Service (humor)
"You are receiving this zine because..."

Deborah M. Walsh front c. A on Roman coin
p. 3 tp for "Ground"
p. 7 ocm; illo for "Ground"
p. 11 Tr; illo for "Ground"
p. 16 Se; illo for "Ground"
p. 20 ocm; illo for "Ground"
p. 24 A smiling
p. 28 C, Tr; illo for "Ground"
p. 32 illo for "Ground"
pp. 35-6 tp for "Zone"
p. 50 Tr
p. 52 Se
p. 54 tp for "Turning"
p. 57 So
p. 75 V
back c. Se on Roman coin
Leah Rosenthal p. 38 cartoon illo for "Zone"
p. 43 cartoon illo for "Zone"
p. 47 cartoon illo for "Zone"
Tim Pieracini p. 63 A, C
p. 67 Dorian
p. 71 Se
p. 79 B, J

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