B7 COMPLEX #6/7 (multimedia)

Editor: Deborah M. Walsh
Publisher: Moonrise Press (Malden, MA)
Date: May 1984

B7 fiction:
Brenda Callagher, "Like Rats in a Trap" (S0; B, Tr)
JoLynn Horvath, "Gateway" (S2; The Champions crossover)
Cathy Lynn Goodwin and Yvonne S. Hintze, "More Luck Than Logic" (S2; post-Trial; also in Chronicles #9/10)
Sheila Paulson, "Market Value" (S2)
Kathy Hintze, "Reunion at Terminal" (S5)
Kathy Hintze, "A Dream to Some, a Nightmare to Others" (S5; sequel to "Reunion at Terminal")

Non-B7 fiction:
Mary A. Fall, "The Devil's Return" (DW)
Patrice Heyes, "Outcome" (The Champions)

Non Fiction:
Deborah M. Walsh, "Scorpio Rising" (editorial)

B7 poetry:
Crystal Ann Taylor, "What Is Needed"
Crystal Ann Taylor, "Free of You"

B7 art:
Deborah M. Walsh front c. B, A, V on Liberator
p. 5 illo for "Like Rats"
p. 9 illo for "Like Rats"
p. 14 illo for "Like Rats"
p. 18 Tr; illo for "Like Rats"
p. 20 B
p. 23 illo for "Gateway"
p. 35 illo for "More Luck"
p. 47 illo for "More Luck"
p. 50 A-C; illo for "More Luck"
p. 65 "Soolin"
p. 69 illo for "Market Value"
p. 73 illo for "Market Value"
p. 79 illo for "Reunion"
p. 84 illo for "Reunion"
p. 88 illo for "Reunion"
p. 92 illo for "A Dream"
p. 99 illo for "A Dream"
p. 104 illo for "A Dream"
p. 112 illo for "A Dream"
Mary D. Bloemker p. 33 G
p. 57 "Blake and Jenna"
p. 120 Se
p. 151
p. 152
Nancy E. Kolar p. 43 B
p. 59 "Tarrant"
Robin L. Belyea p. 55 "Fire and Ice" (A-Se)
p. 142
Linda M. Lanzi p. 61 "Avon and Vila"
Sheila Paulson p. 63 "Avon, Tarrant and Vila"
Sheila Willis p. 67 "Dayna"
T. J. Burnside p. 68 "Vila, Playrebel of the Month" (nude V)

Non-B7 art:
Deborah M. Walsh p. 2 Sapphire (?)
p. 78 "Fly Tardis" cartoon
p. 91 Zaphod Beeblebrox
p. 121 "Which Way?"
p. 122 illo for "Devil's Return"
p. 129 illo for "Devil's Return"
p. 135 illo for "Devil's Return"
p. 139 illo for "Devil's Return"
p. 143 illo for "Outcome"
p. 147 illo for "Outcome"
Between pp. 86 and 87, two unidentified non-B7 portraits;
also on back cover and inside back cover
Robin L. Belyea p. 142 illo for "Devil's Return"

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