Editor: Deborah M. Walsh
Date: November 1982

Sandy Hall, "A Crush on Avon" (mid S1; A-J)
Brenda Callagher, "Mask of Janus" (late S2; B-hc)
Brenda Callagher, "Project Aeolis" (early S4; Ta-hc)
Mary D. Bloemker, "Point of Departure" (Avon's 8 universe)

Non Fiction:
The staff, "You are receiving this zine because..."
Deborah M. Walsh, "Scorpio Rising"
The staff, "Orac's key"

JoLynn Horvath, "Holiday Carols"
"Avon's Christmas Dream" (f, Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)
"Holiday for Travis" (f, Winter Wonderland)
"Bring a Torch" (f, Bring a Torch Jeannette Isabella)
"Renewal!" (f, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen")

Deborah M. Walsh front c. V (in a swamp)
inside c. "The Adventures of Flake's Seven" (cartoon)
p. 4a "Gan" (in a forest)
pp. 10-11 J, A; illo for "A Crush"
p. 16a "Blake-- Waiting for
p. 17 illo for "Mask"
p. 20 Se
p. 30 illo for "Mask"
p. 32 illo for "Mask"
between pp. 36-37: Art Portfolio: Fans in Costume
"Robin Belyea as 'Lil Vila"
"Pat Brimer as Madame President"
"Liz Carleton as the Happy Auron"
"Pat Cash as Jenna the Smuggler"
p. 37 illo for "Aeolis"
p. 41 illo for "Aeolis"
p. 50 illo for "Aeolis"
p. 55 Se; illo for "Aeolis"
p. 58 illo for "Aeolis"
p. 65 illo for "Aeolis"
p. 66a "Avon" (in snow)
p. 67 TP for Holiday Carols
back c. Ta (and mountain stream)
Miriam Harvey p. 4 B7/STTOS cartoon
T. J. Burnside p. 16 "I've Been Framed!" (V)
p. 36 A, B, V; cartoon
p. 69 cartoon illo for carol
Elizabeth Carleton p. 34a A
Mary M. Bloemker p. 28a B
p. 48a V

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