Editor: Deborah M. Walsh
Publisher: Moonrise Press
Date: First Edition: July 1982; Reprint: July 1984

D.M. Walsh, "Children of Chaos" (S2) (35 pg)
Sheila Paulson, "The Invaders" (S2; A h/c) (15 pg)
Mary A. Fall, "None Goes His Way Alone" (S2) (14 pg)
Patricia Cash, "Slippery When Wet" (S3; humor) (10 pg)
Moira Dahlberg, "Escape Velocity" (alt-S4) (2 pg)
Patricia Cash, "Souvenir" (S4) (3 pg)
D.M. Walsh, "Honorarium" (during GP) (1 pg)
Mary D. Bloemker, "The Ultimate Resurrection Story"
(post-GP, alt-S1) (start of "Avon's 8")

Non Fiction:
D.M. Walsh, "Scorpio Rising"
"You Are Receiving This Zine Because..."

Sheila Paulson, untitled (3 pg)

Deborah M. Walsh front cover J; colored sketch
pg 6 illo for "Children of Chaos"
pg 10 B
pg 13 A, Ca
pg 18 Se, Tr
pg 23 G
pg 27 J
pg 33 G
pg 39 Tr
pg 40 C
pg 42 B, C, J
pg 46 V
pg 57 V
pg 62 A
pg 67 V
pg 69 B, C
pg 72 Ta
pg 73 Ta
pg 82 D
pg 86 Se, Ta
pg 88 A (during "Blake")
pg 94
back cover So
Mary Bloemker pg 5 B
pg 30 B
pg 35 C
pg 37 Se
pg 71 C, J
Patricia Cash pg 58 A, B, C

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