Editor: Deborah M. Walsh
Publisher: Moonrise Press (Malden, MA)
Date: Original edition: July 1981
Revised reprint edition: July 1984

Mary A. Fall, "The Ground on Which We Die" (S3; post-Deathwatch)
Mary A. Fall, "Entr'Acte" (S3; post-Powerplay)
Deborah M. Walsh, "Aftershocks" (S3; post-Deathwatch; A/C)

Non Fiction:
The staff, "You are receiving this zine because..."
Deborah M. Walsh, "Scorpio Rising" (reprint edition only)
Vila, "The Question to the Answer"
The staff, "Orac's key to 'You are receiving this zine because...'"
Episode guide (original edition only)
Listings of B7 clubs and zines (original edition only)

Deborah M. Walsh front c. A, B, V, C, J, Se, Ta, D
p. 5 Se
p. 11 illo for "Ground"
p. 19 illo for "Ground"
p. 22 A, B
p. 32 illo for "Aftershocks"
p. 39 A/C; illo for "Aftershocks"
p. 44 A, Ta
p. 53 A
back c. "The New Kid on the Block"
(S4 crew)
Mary M. Bloemker pp. 23-31 "A Blake's 7 Portfolio--
Part 1" (portraits & quotations)
p. 25 B
p. 27 A
p. 29 D
p. 31 Ta

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