Despite the fact that this zine is about the B7 characters as children (except for the two last stories, which involve encounters with children during the series), there is actually a non-explicit adult story here. In "Sweet Sixteen" by Erica Leonard (a writer of both slash and het smut; I've heard that this is another pseud of the same person who also uses the pseud Caroline Dare, but I'm not sure), Avon and Vila, both 16, just happen to get themselves deflowered in the same brothel on the same night.


Editor/publisher: Bonnie Vitti (Sherman Oaks, CA)
Date: 1990

Rosemary Woodhouse, "From Such Small Beginnings" (S0; V)
Kelson Vibber, "Roj Blake's Eagle Project" (S1-S0; B)
Rosemary Woodhouse, "The Best Laid Schemes" (S0; A-V; sequel to "From Such Small Beginnings")
Erica Leonard, "Sweet Sixteen" (S0; V/ocf, A/ocf)
Pat Dunn and Diana Smith, "Exchanges" (S0; A; DW crossover)
Leigh Arnold, "Camp Flake" (S0; Flake's Seven universe; AU humor)
Pat Dunn and Diana Smith, "Separation" (S0; A; DW crossover)
Cami, "The Birthday Present" (S0; Ta-Deeta)
Bonnie Vitti, "The First Battleground" (S0; A-B; reprinted from Magnificent Seven #3)
Mark Richards, "The Forgotten Children" (S5)
Bonnie Vitti, "A Walk between the Worlds" (S2; A-ocf child)

Bonnie Vitti, "Editorial"
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Melody Rondeau cover B, J, Se, V, G, A, C as children (cartoon)
Rosemary Woodhouse p. 3 V as child
p. 11 V as older child
p. 31 young V
p. 51 A as child
p. 61 Ta as child
p. 67 B as child
p. 85 A
p. 93 V
p. 99 V
p. 103 Jemini (ocf child)
Leigh Arnold p. 43 Flake's Seven cartoon; illo for "Camp Flake"

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