Bloke's 7

Cartoon strip book

"If I was issuing Terry Nation seals of approval then Bloke's would get a gold star" - Terry Nation 1988.

Gareth Thomas introduces the popular parody of "The Way Back" by Joe Nazzaro and Ted Slampyak.

Judith - Highly amusing. If you see a second-hand copy, grab it. The original printing is the best. The later one was photo-reduced.


(graphic story; text by Joe Nazzaro, art by Ted Slampyak; S1, The Way Back; humor)
Publisher: Space Rat Press
Date: first edition, 1988; second edition, 1997
Format (1997 edition): digest, half letter size; [20] pp., yellow paper cover, center staples

Gareth Thomas, "Introduction: Remembering The Way Back"
Joe Nazzaro, "The Road to Bloke (Revisited)" (second edition only)

covers and contents, all cartoons by Ted Slampyak

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