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Annie Hamilton (editor)

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This collects some of the Blake's 7 fiction from issues 1-7 of Enararre. As follows:-

Blake's 7 stuff that appeared in Issue 1-7 that was not reprinted in the Blake's 7 Special:

Enararre is available from the editor in Australia:-
Annie Hamilton
PO Box 492,
QLD 4075

Mini Review by Sarah Thompson

This is a gorgeous zine visually and a must for fannish art lovers. The fiction is excellent, too. "The Pattern of Infinity" (a novel-length story by Ana Dorfstad, complete in this zine; not to be confused with J. Kel's series of the same title, or the historical AU zine) is one of my very favorite Avon stories. I especially like the first part, which is extremely vivid and has some juicy hc. The second part, in which Avon reforms the Federation single-handed just to spite Blake, was much less believable; this is a super-Avon story, and if I weren't an Avon fan I doubt I would have liked it. But since I am, I did. :) Characters and events from the entire series are woven into the story in a very clever way.

Also especially memorable for me were "Legacy," in which Blake explains to Jenna why he's sure that Avon won't run; and "Ghosts," in which an aged Vila converses with people from his past before he, too, comes to a tragic end.

"Fiddler on the Run" is great fun. I would have loved to see the original production!


Editors: Ellen Parry, Annie Hamilton, Christine Poulsen,Maria Letters
Publisher: New Horizons (Queensland, Australia)
Date: 1989

Catherine Stewart, "Quietus" (S0; ocm-B)
Ana Dorfstad, "Where the Shadows Are" (S3; Terminal)
Catherine Stewart, "Legacy" (S2; B-J-A)
Jack Wynguard, "Ghosts" (S5; V)
Douglas Cummings, "A Day in the Life" (S2; rhyming script; humor)
Ana Dorfstad, "Fragments of Yesterday" (S4; B)
Jenny Hayward, "Strange Allies" (S0; A)
Marie Logan, "Fireplay" (S2; A)
Danny Murphy, "Fiddler on the Run" (S1, S2, S4; script, with filks; humor)
Ana Dorfstad, "Foundation" (S4; A-V)
Ana Dorfstad, "Hoist on a Dark Petard" (S0; Anna)
Catherine Stewart, "Heart of Midnight" (S3; Sarcophagus; C)
Ana Dorfstad, "The Pattern of Infinity" (S4-S5)

Ellen Parry, Annie Hamilton, Christine Poulsen, Maria Letters, "Editorial"
Annie Hamilton, Christine Maxwell, Kim Owens, Sonja van den Ende, "Sevenalia" (alliterative character descriptions; humor)
"Folio" (quotations and portraits)

Linda Short, "Wise Enough to Play the Fool"

Kathryn Andersen p. iii A
p. 7 C
p. 51 V & Slave
p. 69 B (in Folio)
p. 87 Ta (in Folio)
p. 93 B on GP
p. 117 Arlen
p. 149 Trooper
p. 155 So
p. 187 D
p. 193 Verack (ocm)
p. 204 Tyce
p. 291 Davin Maryatt (ocm)
Bruce Mitchell p. 4 A
p. 14 C
p. 131 A on GP
p. 133 A on GP
Maria Letters p. 15 A
p. 37 V
p. 81 Tr (in Folio)
p. 267 V
p. 298 V
Sonja van den Ende p. 10 B
p. 39 A
p. 53 So
p. 55 V
p. 64 Anna
p. 73 A (in Folio)
p. 75 V (in Folio)
p. 79 G (in Folio)
p. 89 So (in Folio)
p. 101 Fenn (ocf)
p. 111 Deva
p. 125 V
p. 191 A
p. 223 V
p. 232 Docholli
p. 273 Ta
p. 317 D
Annie Hamilton pp. 16-22 cartoon illos for "Sevenalia"
pp. 23-27 cartoon illos for "A Day in the LIfe"
p. 30 Payter Fen; illo for "Fragments"
p. 31 B; illo for "Fragments"
p. 36 Liberator
p. 71 J (in Folio)
p. 77 C (in Folio)
p. 83 Se (in Folio)
p. 85 D (in Folio)
p. 91 Scorpio
p. 197 Se
p. 216 Sarkoff
p. 249 cats
p. 250 Klar (=Klyn)
p. 259 Shiron (ocf)
p. 287 Orac
p. 308 Juvira (ocf)
David Cameron p. 123 B
Kate Perrett p. 172 Ta
Fiona Niemand p. 244 Franton

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