Mini Review By Sarah Thompson

I have mixed feelings about the basic theme of this zine, namely B7 stories that in some way reflect the Arthurian legends. Personally, I don't think that the basic ideas are all that good a fit. However, since the theme was loosely interpreted, there are some very interesting and unusual stories in this zine.

Slash fans should take special note of the A-B stories by Rebecca Ann Brothers and Teri White-- gen but emotionally intense. Also of slashy interest is a story from Jennie McGrath's "Time of Innocence" series, which has a slash finale (A/B and Ta/V) in The Big B7 Zine

There's some nice A-Ta (and even B-Ta) for the Tarrant fans; a Tarot story ("Idle Hands"); and one of Vickie's cross-gender stories. I also enjoyed Carol's story of a pre-series encounter betwen Jenna and Tarrant, and Ros Williams's surreal tale of several major characters facing an oracle that prophesies their fates.

Comment from Judith - although there were a couple of stories that I enjoyed in this zine, I felt there was a lot of dross in it overall. I agree with Sarah that a lot of the stories didn't fit the theme, but then King Arthur and B7 struck me as uneasy bedfellows anyway.


Editors: Teri White and Jennie McGrath
Publisher: Triad Press (Shaker Heights, OH)
Date: 1992

Jennie McGrath, "The Arthurian Legend" (summary of thematic base of zine)

Jennie McGrath, "To Him Unconquered" (S1-2-3-4; V as Merlin)
Sandra Basham, "Just Beyond Reach" (part 1 of 2; S3; A-hc; A-Ta, Ta-V)
Lorna Breshears, "Silver Lining, Golden Mean" (S5; A-Ta)
J, "When the Rain Comes" (medieval AU, J-Carnell)
Cami, "Knight of the Realm" (S0; J-Ta)
Sandra Basham, "Awakenings" (part 2 of 2; S3; A-Ta)
Alicia Ann Fox,"Anything But History" (cross-gender AU; S1, post-Bounty)
Fate Yanagi, "Last Act" (S5; B-?)
Jennie McGrath, "Exile" (Time of Innocence B-Ta-V)
Rebecca Ann Brothers, "Spirits from the Vasty Deep" (S1?; A-B, B-hc)
Cami, "The Long Dark Night of the Soul" (alt-S4, alt-Blake)
Sandra Basham, "Idle Hands" (S1?; V)
Ros Williams, "Wisdom" (S0)
Teri White, "After the Sword" (S3-4, A-B)
Teri White, "The Man Who Knew Too Much" (monologue; S0; V)

Art: Jennie McGrath all tops computer graphics
Leigh Moto'oka p. 35 V, Ta, A; illo for "Just"
p. 49 A-Ta; illo for "Silver"
p. 81 J-Ta; illo forf "Knight"
Nan Nelson p. 150 A-B; illo for "Spirits"
p. 248 A-B; color illo for "After"
Linda Garlick p. 158 S4 A
Sandra Basham p. 176 Tarot cards

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