A Plain Man's Guide to Alien Invasions #2

Mini Review by Sarah Thompson

There are some sexy stories here! "Consequences" puts Tarrant and
Cally together. Dayna has her way with Avon at last in "Moloch,"
and both Dayna and Soolin are preparing to enjoy him at the end of
"Ladies' Night Out." There's even a slash story of sorts: in "Passion's
Purple Flower," Avon reveals that the Grant he really loved all
along was Del.


Editor: Servalan K. Avon
Publisher: Liberation, Ltd. (fan club; Chicago, IL)
Date: 1990

Janet Wells, "A Holiday Story" (S1; A; humor)
Jeanne DeVore, "A Little Trust Is a Dangerous Thing" (S1; post-Bounty; A-J)
Bud Hanzel, "The Hunt" (Zodiac Guild series #2; S1; B-C)
Cami, "Consequences" (S3; C/Ta)
Orac, "Twisted Moloch, or, What Really Happened" (S3; Moloch; A/D; humor)
Anne-Marie Picard, "Marques de Gris" (S4; So-A; So-hc)
Sue Clark, "Avon's Next Enterprise" (S4; STTNG crossover; humor)
Wes Lee Crusher, "Ladies' Night Out" (S4)
Leigh Motooka, "Accountability" (S4; post-Orbit, post-Warlord; Ta-V)
Alia Atreides, "Midway to Nowhere" (alt-S4, S5)
The Space City Irregulars, "Some Things Never Change" (S5)
Linda Garlick, "We Are But the Stuff Dreams Are Made Of" (S5; A)
Lorna Breshears, "Embarkation" (S5; Ta)
Zenobia Seagreane Quimby, "Passion's Purple Flower (Pale Lavender Prose)" (A5; A/Del Grant; humor)

Sue Clark, "A Fight Like Ours Could Really Spoil Your Day" (f, Everyday, preferably the Buddy Holly version)
Sue Clark, "A Blakes 7 Primer"
Lovejoy, "Horizon"
Sue Clark, "Mr. Avon" (f, Mr. Postman)
Sue Clark, "Fed Man" (f, Soul Man)
Angela Reese, "Orac" (f, Lola)
Sue Clark, "Soolin" (f, Sususudio)
Sue "Way Cool" Clark, "Avon's Too Cool For Me"
Sue Clark, "This Hand Ain't Your Hand" (f, This Land Is Your Land)
Bud Hanzel, "The Federtation Rebels" (f, theme from The Beverly Hillbillies)
Lovejoy, "Avon at Star One"
Sharon Ann Karpierz, "Self Doubt"
Lovejoy, "Gauda Prime"
Sue Clark, "Orac at Large" (f, If I Only Had a Brain)

Barbara L. Adams cover B
p. 58 Se
p. 60 A
Adrian Morgan cover border
p. 155 Tr's laser-hand
Linda Fairbanks p. ii cartoon
Tanje p. iv B
p. 46 A
p. 154 Tr1
p. 198 A-V
Bart Quick p. 6 B-V-J cartoon
p. 15 A cartoon
p. 16 varous cartoons
p. 28 various cartoons
p. 45 Ta-C-A Ultraworld cartoon
p. 96 B cartoon
p. 98 Rojy Horror cartoon
p. 105 B cartoon
p. 113 V cartoon
p. 114 various cartoons
p. 153 A-B cartoon
p. 183 B cartoon
p. 197 A cartoon
Linda Garlick p. 8 A
p. 30 C
p. 106 Ta
p. 184 A
Kate Knepper p. 66 cartoon illo for "Avon's"
p. 70 cartoon illo for "Avon's"
p. 75 cartoon illo for "Avon's"
p. 81 cartoon illo for "Avon's"
p. 87 cartoon illo for "Avon's"
p. 95 cartoon illo for "Avon's"
p. 97 cartoon illo for "Avon's"
p. 156 Se

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