Mini Review By Sarah Thompson

Here's another somewhat obscure one-person zine, this one with lots of A/C romance, consummated (discreetly offstage-- this is a gen zine) and otherwise.


Author/editor/publisher: Deborah Millitello
Date: 1987

Fiction, all by Deborah Millitello:
"A Time for Every Purpose" (S5 novel; A, V, ocs, J, C, uc A/C)
"A Joy Shared" (S3, Ultraworld - S4, Rescue; A/C)
"Central Security Files: Report from Agent T-4-2" (humor)
"Seeds of Betrayal" (S0; A-V)
"Interview with Scorpio's Crew" (script; S4; humor)
"Promises" (S5; A-V-ocf)

Deborah Millitello, "Regret" (uc A/C)
Deborah Millitello, "Silver Image" (A)
Deborah Millitello, "Distress Call from Jenna" (uc B/J)
Deborah Millitello, "Limerick"
Rodney Richards, "When Fans Are Called Together" (f, When
the Roll Is Called Up Yonder"

? cover A-C

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