Editor: Leigh Arnold
Publisher: Pony Press (Van Nuys, CA)
Date: December 1989

Cindy Rancourt, "Shattered" (alt-S2; A/Anna)
Claudine Vissing, "Of Friends and Faith" (S2)
Mary Gerstner, "The Cost of Freedom" (S5)
CarolMel Ambassador, "Vain Attempt" (S5; Trophy series)
Sophia R. Mulvey, "The Making of a Rebel (Klyn's Story)" (S4)
Jill Grundfest, "Miles to Go Before I Sleep" (S5)
Ellen D. Weitz, "The Better Part of Valour" (S5)
Teresa Sarick, "*Between* Battles" (S2; Pern crossover)
April Giordano, "The Point of No Return" (S5)
Kathy Coy, "What Really Happened After They Found No Alien Invasion at Star One" (alt-S2; humor)
Tom Beck, "Pursuit" (S2)
Leigh Arnold, "Hurt So Good" (S2; Flake's Seven universe; humor)
Barbara Adams, "Retrospect" (S1, S0)
Mary Alice Wuerz, "Resonance Effects... And Dissonance" (S5; In the Balance series; part 6 of ?)
Susan Glasgow, "The Dreamer" (S3)

"Don't Give up on Us, Avon" (f, Don't Give up on Us, by David Soul)
"Roj's Song" (f, Long Way, by Queen)
"I Want Avon" (f, I Want Candy, by Annabelle & BowWowWow)
"Travis Gets His Kicks" (f, Fat Bottomed Girls, by Queen)
Teri Sarick, "Encounter"
"Was It All Worth It?" (f, Was It All Worth It, by Queen)
Jan Grokett, "Betrayal's Vampiric Kiss"

Non Fiction:
Leigh Arnold, Editorial
"A Quiz"
Sue Glasgow, Bev Spadotto, and Leigh Arnold, photo captions, pp. 54, 71, 104, 139, 174, 250 (humor)
Blake's Grill menu
Ingsby and Bredon, "Blake's 7 Important LIsts (true information you couldn't live without)" (humor)

Suzan Lovett cover B as Atlas (color)
Elizabeth Gagliano tp V
p. v C
Samantha Hayman p. 3 A, V; illo for "Shattered"
p. 10 B, Se; illo for "Shattered"
p. 16 B, A/Anna; illo for "Shattered"
p. 136 C, J; illo for "Between"
Joanne Christy p. 20 A
p. 193 B, G (cartoons)
p. 194 S4A, V, S1A (cartoons)
p. 195 So, J, C, Ta, D (cartoons)
p. 196 Se (cartoon)
Judith Kitzes p. 30 illo for "Of Friends"
(repeated on p. 253)
p. 44 illo for "Of Friends"
p. 50 illo for "Of Friends"
Mary Robertson p. 55 tp for "Cost of Freedom"
p. 67 A; illo for "Cost"
p. 142 A, B; illo for "Point"
Susan Williams p. 70 A, B
p. 82 B
p. 158 A-V
p. 197 A
Vicki Brinkmeier p. 74 illo for "Vain Attempt"
p. 78 illo for "Vain Attempt"
Leigh Motooka p. 80 cartoon-- costumes
p. 146 cartoon-- Cally
p. 173 cartoon-- "Teenage Mutoid
Ninja turtle"
p. 191 illo for "Retrospect"
Suzie Molnar p. 94 illo for "Miles"
p. 100 illo for "Miles"
Shann p. 110 B
p. 113 V
p. 127 A
p. 169 B-A
Tei Ruki p. 129 "Avon and... Hobbs?"
p. 192 castle
p. 249 teddy bear
p. 252 "The End"
Judith Boguslawski p. 149 illo for "Pursuit"
p. 163 illo for "Pursuit"
p. 165 illo for "Pursuit"
p. 176 illo for "Retrospect"
p. 188 illo for "Retrospect"
Leigh Arnold p. 171 cartoon illo for "Hurt"
Kathy Hanson p. 202 A-V; illo for "Resonance"
p. 218 B-A; illo for "Resonance"
p. 248 J-B; illo for "Resonance"

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