Editor: Leigh Arnold
Publisher: Pony Press (Van Nuys, CA)
Date: August 1987; second printing, February 1988

CarolMel Ambassador, "Adieu" (S4; Rescue; A-C death)
Mary Alice Wuerz, "Point of View" (S5; In the Balance series; part 2 of ?)
Leigh Arnold, "Space Coffin" (S3; Sarcophagus; Flake's Seven universe; humor)
Ann Wortham, "Poetic Justice" (S5; A-V)
Jean Graham, "A Lion to Guide the Lamb" (S1; A-G)
Ann Wortham and Leah Rosenthal, "All I Need Is a Miracle" (S2; alt-Star One; humor)
Leigh Arnold, "Tangent" (alt-S3; A-hc, A/C)
Leigh Arnold, "Alternative Ending [for 'Tangent']" (S5; V/ocf)
Diana Dougherty and Laura Wynne, "Reflections" (S3; a mirror universe)
Genn Eccles, "Brats in the Belfry" (S2; humor)
Laura Wynne, "Solitaire" (S2)
Ann Wortham and Leah Rosenthal, "Vila Don't Lose My Number" (S2; Bizarro Seven universe; Miami Vice crossover; humor)
Sue Glasgow, "In Too Deep" (S1)
Bonnie Vitti, "Here Kitty... Kitty... Kitty" (S1; A, V, C as cats)
Mary Alice Wuerz, "Shock Waves" (S5; In the Balance series; part 3 of ?)

Denise Leanne Mathews, "Avon"
Denise Leanne Mathews, "Fascination"
Joan Enright, "Not Quite Human" (C)
Joan Enright, "The Candle Flame" (A/C)
Tei Ruki, "Three Verses: Avon, Cally, Vila" (haiku)

Non Fiction:
Leigh Arnold, Editorial
Photo captions, pp. v, vi, 80, 132, 180, 257, 306 (humor)
?, "FSA Space Captain's Final Exam" (humor)
?, "Insurance claim-- found in wastebasket" (humor)

Dani Lane cover C
p. 4 S1 crew
p. 7 A; illo for "PoV"
p. 274 B-J
p. 284 B-J
p. 301 A-D
p. 305 Ta-D
Leigh Arnold p. 23 cartoon illo for "Space"
p. 27 cartoon illo for "Space"
p. 29 cartoon illo for "Space"
p. 31 cartoon illo for "Space"
p. 153 cartoon illo for "Brats"
p. 155 cartoon illo for "Brats"
p. 159 cartoon illo for "Brats"
p. 263
p. 265
p. 267
p. 269
p. 273
Vicki Brinkmeier p. 36 illo for "Poetic Justice"
p. 162 A
p. 168 illo for "Solitaire"
p. 178 illo for "Solitaire"
Leah Rosenthal p. 73 cartoon illo for "All I Need"
p. 145 C
p. 185 cartoon illo for "Vila, Don't"
p. 187 cartoon illo for "Vila, Don't"
p. 195 cartoon illo for "Vila, Don't"
Kathy Hanson p. 82 illo for "Tangent"
p. 105 illo for "Tangent"
p. 115 illo for "Tangent"
p. 129 illo for "Tangent"
Tei Ruki p. 146 landscape
p. 147 A/C
p. 258 illos for "Three Verses"
Shann p. 207 V
p. 219 A
p. 249 C

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