Editors: Leigh Arnold and Jeff Toschlag (Houston, TX)
Publisher: Pony Press Ltd., in cooperation with Overmind: The Society for British Science Fiction and Telefantasy
(Reprinted with permission by Bill Hupe)

Linda Gerhart, "Underground Tapes" (S3; A/C)
Leigh Arnold, "Vontrolley Way" (S1?)
Jenn Eccles, "The Cavern" (S3)
Linda Gerhart, "First Impressions" (S0)
Jenn Eccles, "Mutiny" (S2)
Leigh Arnold, "Family Ties, 1: Acceptance" (S4; alt- Warlord; A/Meegat)
Leigh Arnold, "Family Ties, 2: Our Adventure on Exbar" (S4; alt-Blake)
Phred, "Nightmare" (S3)

Phred cover A
p. 1 illo for "Underground"
p. 13 illo for "Underground"
p. 21 illo for "Underground"
p. 23 illo for "Underground"
p. 96 illo for "Acceptance"
p. 101 illo for "Acceptance"
p. 110 illo for "Acceptance"
p. 115 illo for "Adventure"
p. 127 illo for "Adventure"
p. 141 illo for "Nightmare"
p. 145 illo for "Nightmare"
James Doyle p. 45 A
Tei Ruki p. 52 illo for "Cavern"
Angel p. 61 illo for "First"

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