Mini Review By Sarah Thompson

I guess this zine should really go on the erotica list (which includes mixed gen-and-smut zines), since one of the stories, "It's a Tough Job...," is a very explicit adult story with lots of anatomical detail.

Lynne Leeper's PGP story includes romance but is gen, strictly non- explicit.

"The Quest to the Throbbing Tower" is an odd one, very enjoyable (my favorite in the zine) but hard to classify. It starts out looking as if it will be a PWP, as the narrator-heroine goes into a bar looking for fun (yes, it's that kind of throbbing tower she has in mind) and meets Vila. Then it turns into an adventure story when she finds herself on Scorpio by accident, and finally it takes a sexual turn once again. The sex is not described in detail, but the word fuck is used, so I suppose the story should probably be considered adult.

The dream story is short but excellent, a real chiller; it deserves a better title. I also appreciate the use of Dayna as POV character in this story, and of Soolin as the beautifully suffering protagonist of "Calculated Heroics" (though there is plenty of action for the other characters in that one too).

Overall this zine is much better than I expected, a pleasant surprise. I wish that instead of self-publishing, the authors had submitted their stories to an editor who had done a bit of editing. They're not bad as is, and with some polishing they could be quite good.

The zine is old and not easy to come by, and probably wasn't all that widely circulated in the first place. I wonder whether anyone would be interested in doing edited reprints of some or all of the stories-- Horizon, maybe? I seem to recall that they were looking for stories featuring the women, and for het adult stories for a new Alternative Seven.

Is Carrie Hagen still in B7 fandom, and does anyone know her? She also did another B7 zine, Les Imbeciles, which I think is humor, but I haven't seen it.


(mixed gen and adult)
Editor/publisher: Carrie Hagen
Date: August 1987

Carrie Hagen, "Calculated Heroics" (S4; So-hc; werewolves)
Colette Boloch, "Priorities" (S4, post-Orbit; A-V)
Lynne Leeper, "The Way Out" (S5; A-B, past B/J, A/C)
Carrie Hagen, "The Ultimate 'Bobby, I Had the Strangest Dream' Story (But Read It Anyway!)" (S5; D)
Carrie Hagen, "It's a Tough Job, But Somebody's Got to Do It" (adult; S3, real world crossover; A/C, V/Kerril, uc D/Ta)
Carrie Hagen, "Wallow, Wallow, Wallow" (S1; A-hc; humor)
Carrie Hagen, "The Quest to the Throbbing Tower" (adult; S4; A/ocf)

Carrie Hagen, Editorial

Shann cover Liberator and title

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