Delta Blues

Mini Review By Sarah Thompson

It was interesting doing this zine immediately after the Horizon zines, because the size in terms of content is pretty similar, but the presentation is very different. One can weigh the virtues of smaller physical size (and presumably lower price) versus easy-to- read typeface and more spectacular art.

I'm surprised, actually, that the zine wasn't bigger. Given that Vila is probably the second-favorite character, you'd think a zine devoted to him would have a lot of submissions. But maybe B7 fans in general prefer variety in their zines? I wonder.

My favorite thing in the zine is Lorna's what-if AU, "A Handful of Smoke," in which Vila decides to go with Kerril. Through a complicated chain of circumstances, he eventually rejoins the others and saves the day on GP; but the ending is a tragic one for him. <sniffle!>

Strongly recommended for Vila fans. I think it's still in print; it was being sold new at MediaWest.


Editors: Michael Macomber and Caryn Dunkel
Publisher: FanGraphics (Lindenwold, NJ)
Date: 1993

Alison Berkeley, "Rumours & Regrets" (S3; past V/ocf)
Lorna Breshears, "Incriminating Intake" (S1-S0; V-Se)
Jane Mailander, "Triumph of the Superior Intellect" (S4; alt-Orbit; V)
Lorna Breshears, "A Handful of Smoke" (alt-S3-4; V-Ta)

Michael J. Macomber, "Who Is This Vila Guy Anyway?" (editorial)
Jane Mailander, "Vila Restal's Top Ten Excuses for Avoiding Landing-Party Duty" (humor)

Alicia Ann Fox, "Satisfaction"
Jane Mailander, "Kerril" (f, Edward, by Kathy Mar)

Phoenix front c. V
p. 6a V; illo for "Rumours"
Marla Fair p. 16a V-Se; illo for "Intake"
p. 40a V; illo for "Handful"
back c. V, G
Leigh Moto'oka p. 34a V; cartoon illo for "Intake"
Nola Frame-Gay p. 39 cartoon
Sue Williams p. 52a illo for "Handful"

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