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And here are some old Australian genzines, new to me. This is Carol's copy of =Conquest= #4, with the good A-Ta story that she mentioned a little while ago (I already had basic info, thanks to a SC list member, but this is the first time I've actually seen the zine). I also rather like Catherine Kerrigan's "Coda," and I'm wondering if it was continued, perhaps in later issues of =Conquest=. I know the zine went at least up to #7, since there's a story in =Enarrare= #8 (mm; AU, 1992) that says it's reprinted from that issue. Some issues of the zine are multimedia.

If any list members have later issues of =Conquest=, I'd love to know what's in them.

Contents of CONQUEST #1

Editor: Judy Baumann
Publisher: Conquest
Date: June 1982

Jan Greville, "Anna" (S0)
Carol Bott, "Terminal 2" (S3; post-Terminal)
Judy Baumann, "The Search" (S1-2)

Non Fiction:
Judy Baumann, Foreword

Linda Mitchell, "Vila"
Linda Mitchell, "Slave"
Linda Mitchell, "Captive Audience"

cover Glenn Ludgate (Liberator front-view)
M.J. Chalmers (Catspaw Press Familiar)
Judy Baumann (Blake, Avon, Dayna, Tarrant, Cally, Vila, Pursuit Ship, Slave, Cally)
Glenn Ludgate (Liberator)
? (Orac)
back cover Glenn Ludgate (Liberator rear-view)

Contents of CONQUEST #2 (mm)

Editor: Judy Baumann, Katina Barry
Publisher: Conquest
Date: September 1982

B7 Fiction:
Judy Baumann, "Star One Evacuation" (S2)
Judy Baumann, "The Web" (S1)
Ann Robertson, "Vila's Revenge" (S2)
Monica Mitchell, "Don't Hurry, Don't Worry" (S3; HHGG crossover)
Judy Baumann, "The Kairos Affair" (S3)

Non-B7 fiction:
T'Nac Hram, "The Survivors" (Classic Trek)
Lynnette Henricks, "Amanda" (Classic Trek)
Patricia DeVoss, "The Journey Back" (Battlestar Galactica)
Lynnette Henricks, "Zarabeth" (Classic Trek)

Non Fiction:
Katina Barry, Foreword

B7 poetry:
Narelle M. Harris, "Cally"
Linda Mitchell, "Liberator"
Jan Greville, "Blake"
Katina Barry, "Avon"
Patricia DeVoss, "Shattered Dreams"
Ann Robertson, "Rumours"
Linda Mitchell, "Certainy Uncertainy"

Non-B7 poetry:
Lynnette Henricks, "Ode To Spock"
V. Douglas, "Doctor Who Monster Blues"

B7 art:
cover ?Glenn Ludgate (Enterprise front-view)
M.J. Chalmers (Catspaw Press Familiar)
p. 4 Judy Baumann (Cally)
p. 5 ? (Liberator)
p. 6 Judy Baumann (Jenna)
p. 22 Judy Baumann (Blake)
p. 23 Judy Baumann (Avon)
p. 33 Judy Baumann (Blake, Avon)
p. 55 Glen Ludgate (Liberator Gun & Bracelet)
p. 56 Judy Baumann (Tarrant)
p. 62 Judy Baumann (Avon)

Non-B7 art:
p. 13 Lynette Henricks (Spock & Enterprise)
p. 14 Judy Baumann (Spock & some woman)
p. 19 Judy Baumann (Nurse Chapell)
p. 20 Lynette Henricks (Spock's Parents)
p. 24 Lynette Henricks (Apollo)
p. 27 Judy Baumann (some woman from Battlestar Galactic - Serina?)
p. 30 Lynette Henricks (Spock and Zarabeth)
p. 41 Glen Ludgate (Tardis, Dalek, Cybermat)
p. 42 Monica Mitchell (Zaphod)
p. 54 Judy Baumann (Travis)
backcover ?Glenn Ludgate (Enterprise rear-view)

Contents of CONQUEST #3 (mm)

Editor: Patricia Anderson
Publisher: Conquest
Date: August 1983

B7 fiction:
Jan Greville, "Thou Give Me Pledge" (S2)
Carol Bott, "Double Identity" (S3)

Non-B7 fiction:
Lynn Henricks, "Just Beginnings" (Classic Trek)
Maun Collins, "I Told You Not To Touch" (4th Dr Who & Leela)

Non Fiction:
Patricia Anderson, Foreword
Stephen Collins, "The Leisure Hive: A New Beginning" (Dr Who)
Leith Campbell & Patricia DeVoss, Goodnight, Captain" (Classic Trek)

Sheryl Peterson, "A Taste Of Dust"
Kerry Pommer, "Alien"
Linda Mitchell, "Communication Breakdown"
Ann Robertson, "Brothers"
Jenny McLean, "Different Drums"
Lynn Henricks, "Lady Of Space"
Narelle M. Bartley, "Little Boy"
E.M. Barnett, "Memories Of Yesteryear"
Jenny McLean, "Survival"
P.A. Anderson, "Memories"
Sheryl Peterson, "Do You Weep, Stars?"

B7 art:
p. 32 Judy Baumann (Avon)
p. 38 Sonja V. (The Tarrant Boys)
p. 49 Judy Baumann (Avon and Blake)
p. 51 Judy Baumann (Zen)
p. 54 Mike McCann (Vila)
p. 58 Mike McCann (Avon)
p. 62 Mike McCann (Servalan)
p. 64 Mike McCann (Liberator against Pursuit Ships)
p. 65 Mike McCann (Avon and Liberator)
p. 66 Judy Baumann (Stars)

Non-B7 art:
cover Mike McCann (Liberator)
p. 4 Mike McCann (Kirk and Enterprise)
p. 6 Lyn Henricks (Spock)
p. 10 Lyn Henricks (Saavik)
p. 14 Lyn Henricks (McCoy)
p. 18 Lyn Henricks (Kirk)
p. 42 Sakura Allison (Rand and Chapel)
p. 42 Mike McCann (Classic Trek Lot)
p. 44 Mike McCann (Kirk)
p. 45 Lyn Henricks (Uhura)
p. 46 Lyn Henricks (Spock and his mum)
p. 48 Mike McCann (Classic Trek Lot)
p. 66 Mike McCann (Spock)

Contents of CONQUEST #4

Editor: Lorrie Boen
Publisher: Conquest
Date: September 1983

Jan Greville, "Vigel" (S3)
AMMR, "Cally's Project Avon" (S2)
Sonja Van Den Ende, "Back In" (S3)
Catherine Kerrigan, "Coda" (Post S4)
Carol Bott, "The Servants Of Lambda" (S4)
Sonja Van Den Ende, "Nell" (S)
Sonja Van Den Ende, "The Visitor" (S3)

Non Fiction:
Lorrie Boen, Foreword

Katina Barry, "Origins"
Jan Greville, "After Orbit"
AMMR, "Little Man"
Jan Greville, "Rescue"

cover PATA (B7 logo)
p. 16 Jan Greville (Cally)
p. 20 Sonja V. (Avon)
p. 22 Mike McGann (Liberator)
p. 26 Sonja V. (Avon)
p. 27 Sonja V. (Cally)
p. 29 Mike McGann (Liberator)
p. 32 Mike McGann (Avon)
p. 33 Sakura Allison (Vila)
p. 34 Judy Baumann (Avon, Servalan)
p. 34 Mike McGann (Trooper)
p. 44 Judy Baumann (Dayna)
p. 52 Mike McGann (Scorpio)
p. 56 Mike McGann (Blake, Travis)
p. 62 Sonja V. (Gan)
p. 63 Sonja V. (Keeril)
p. 64 Sonja V. (Liberator - on the tele)
p. 69 Mike McGann (Liberator)

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