Contents of issue 1

Date: December 1988
Distributor: PDC Press


Angela Reese, "Ah, Fantasies!" (A/Servalan)
Sean Charles, "Delta" (T/V, A/T, A/V)
Terri Halasz, "Meegat" (A/Meegat)
Angela Reese, "Orac" (O/D, O/C)
Cami, "Found in Federation Cell # 116"
the Bald Dwarf, "Vila's Toys" (A/B/V)
Pete and Repete, "Totally Weird Zone"


Dorian pg 2, 23, 38
TJ pg 94, 95, cover

Contents of issue 2

Editors: Angela "Jingle" Reese and Terri Volpe (aka Halasz)
Publisher: PDC Press
Date: June 1990


Catherine Kendall, "The Misfit" (V/oc, A-V)
Alex T. MacKenzie, "The Human Touch" (A/B)
Ty Downs, "Cally's Friends" (A/V/C)
Cami and Carnella, "Something in Common" (A/oc, T/oc)
The Bald Dwarf, "The Gang's All Here" (orgy; sequel to
"Vila's Toys" in Aquatar #1)
Tasha, "All the Time in the World" (A/B)
Cami, "Strange Interlude" (A/Ta)
Randym, "Lovers and Other Fools" (Ta/V)
Pete and RePete, "TWZ III: Caro's Campaign" (Totally Weird Zone)


Angela Reese, "You're the Top" (gen; T)
Jenna Huszcza, "Slash and Smut Writer" (f, Paperback Writer)
Ty Downs, "Just One Night" (B/?)
Jenna Huszcza, "Meegat's Song"
Jenna Huszcza, "Your Anna" (A/Anna)
Melissa Mastoris, "After Anna" (A/?)
Terri Halasz, "Eyes Are the Mirrors" (gen; B, V, A)
Jingle, "Avon's Colors" (f, Silver and Gold; gen)
Ty Downs, "Damn You!" (A/B)
Ty Downs, "Cally Don't Go" (?/C)
Ty Downs, "Orders" (B-V)
Jingle, "Take a Fast Ship to Terminal" (f, Take the Last Train to Clarksville; gen)
Ty Downs, "It's All Quiet Now" (A-B)
Jenna Huszcza, "Lock-pick" (V)
Jingle, "I'm Dreaming of a 5th Season" (f, I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas; gen)
Ty Downs, "As Always" (A/B)
Jingle, "Avon's Eyes" (f, Irish Eyes; gen)
Jenna Huszcza, "Orac" (gen)
Jingle, "Hiding Scared" (f, Be Prepared; A-V)
Jingle, "Christmas on Blake's 7" (f, Christmas in Killarney; gen)
Ty Downs, "Oldest Words" (A/?)
Jingle, "It's a Long Way to Gauda Prime" (f, It's a Long Way to Tipperary; gen)
Jenna Huszcza, "The Mirror Rock" (gen)
Orac, limericks


Alex T. MacKenzie cover Orac & bracelets
p. 17 A/B, illo for "Human Touch"
Randym p. 84 A/Ta
p. 114 cartoon illo for "TWZIII"
p. 119 cartoon illo for "TWZIII"

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