Strategies by Jodara Morgan-West

review by Judith

The copy I have is neatly produced. Quarto, double column layout, velo bound and with pleasant black and white artwork. The writing is good and contains no glaring errors.

Vila, Cally and Jenna plot together to get Avon a break. All that unreleased sexual tension is making him a right pain and they're getting fed up of him. They trick him into staying at an extremely posh brothel where he proceeds to have a wonderful time and has a romance with the owner of the brothel who turns out to be a psychostrategist with rebel tendencies. Servalan eventually appears to cause problems, which merely allows Avon some bunus entertainment.

The characters are intelligently writen; there's plenty of detailed and enthusiastic sex, and for anyone who likes het sex stories, this zine is probably worth tracking down.

This copy was printed in 1988, so I won't quote the address in it as it's probably long out of date. Just keep your eye open for second hand copies.

Last updated on 07th of June 1997

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