Editor: Anne Steele
Publisher: Horizon, The Blake's Seven Appreciation Society
Date: October 1996

Judith M. Rolls, "A Peculiar Alchemy" (S5; Ta-hc)
Max Dufall and Ali Reynolds, "A Night Off" (S?; humor)
Russ Massey, "Living Forever" (Twice Numbered Days #2; S5; J, A)

Sarah Brophy front c. Liberator, Fed trooper
Tim Pieraccini p. 10 A-V
p. 17 A
p. 71 J
p. 82 C
back c. A, So, Ta
Ivan Smith p. 56 Sarkoff & Tyce
Sandra Schales p. 84 J; illo for "Living"
p. 90 J; illo for "Living"
Sarah Brophy p. 94 A

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