Editor: Anne Steele
Publisher: Horizon, The Blake's Seven Appreciation Society
Date: August 1995

Judith Rolls, "Just for One Day" (S2; A-V-hc)
Helen Horswood, "Eyes of the Betrayer" (S3; Rumours; Anna)
Russ Massey, "Queen of Ships" (Twice Numbered Days #1; S5; J)
Wendy Ingle, "Metamorphosis" (S0; C)
Shaan Butters, "At the End of the Day" (S4; Blake; A)
Deborah Marshall, "A Woman's Prerogative" (alt-S1; alt- Cygnus Alpha)
Ellen A. Rufkin, "Passable Features, or, Love Lies Shimmering" (alt-S4; humor)

Tim Pieraccini front c. A-B-V
p. 51 A, Anna
back c. A-C
Richard Farrell p. 22 B
p. 27 Fed trooper
Wendy Ingle p. 75 illo for "Metamorphosis"
Val Westall p. 80 S4 A
Ivan Smith p. 82 J

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