Editor: Jackie Ophir
Publisher: Horizon, The Blake's Seven Appreciation Society
Date: April 1992

Kathryn Cutmore, "Unlikely Meeting" (S0; A-V)
Fliss Davies, "Reputation" (S2)
Ros Williams, "If You Would Have Power, Part Two" (S4-5; Carnell, B, Se)
Brad D. Black, "Rescue Who?" (alt-S4; DW crossover; humor)
Teresa Ward, "The Beginning of the End" (S0; Tr)

Jo Jobson front c. B-J
Fliss Davies p. 2 A-V; tp for "Unlikely"
p. 6 A
p. 14 Tr2-Se; tp for "Rep."
p. 22 illo for "Reputation"
p. 36 Carnell; tp for "If"
p. 42 B, Carnell, Inga; illo for "If"
p. 53 Ta, Zukan, Zeeona
p. 57 B, GP B
p. 65 GP B
p. 102 tp for "Beginning"
p. 106 Fed trooper
Kathryn Andersen p. 10 A-V
Rory Hull p. 27 illo for "Reputation"
Rob Emery p. 86 tp for "Rescue"
Tim Pieraccini back c. Tr2

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