Editor: Jackie Ophir
Publisher: Horizon, The Blake's Seven Appreciation Society
Date: August 1991

Lorna Breshears, "Provisional Partners" (S0; J-V)
Jean Graham, "Shadow of the Trojan Horse" (S2; A-V)
Ros Williams, "If You Would Have Power, Part One" (S2-3; Carnell)
David E. Willard, "The Dark Segment" (S4; post-Stardrive; Blackadder crossover)
Judith Rolls, "The Revenge of Haki" (S0; A)

Fliss Davies front c. Carnell, Se, A, B; illo for "If"
p. 2 J, V; illo for "Prov."
p. 9 J
p. 10 A-V; illo for "Shadow"
p. 26 Se; tp for "If"
p. 49 Carnell
p. 92 tp for "The Dark"
p. 96 V
p. 100 A; tp for "The Revenge"
back c. A, B, C
Tim Pieraccini p. 25 A, V
p. 61 Anna
Clare Driver p. 31 Ta

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