Editor: [Jackie Ophir?]
Publisher: Horizon, The Blake's Seven Appreciation Society
Date: March 1990

Kevin Davies, "Conflict" (S1; Ta)
Helen Parkinson, "On the Fifth Day" (S3; Rumours; A)
Val Leibson, "Heavy" (S4; ? crossover; humor)
Robin F. Atkins, "There Was a Time When" (S2, post- Gambit; A-hc, A-C)
Margaret Scroggs, "Anselm" (S4; B)
Helen Parkinson, "A Malign Influence" (S5; A-Se-V)
Jackie Ophir, "Rehearsal" (S1; Breakdown; B)
Gill Marsden, "Against My Ruins" (S3?; Tr)

Fliss Davies front c. Tr
p. 1 Ta; illo for "Conflict"
p. 5 Ta
p. 9 illo for "On the"
p. 20 A-V
p. 29 B-C
p. 43 B
p. 64 A-V
p. 68 A-C
p. 79 Gp B; tp for "Anselm"
p. 97 Se; illo for "A Malign"
back c. V, B, C
Marianne Plumridge p. 16 tp for "There Was"
p. 92 Se; tp for "A Malign"
p. 99 tp for "Against"
Kathryn Andersen p. 33 V
p. 86 GP B
Jo Jobson p. 55 A
Tim Pieraccini p. 78 A; illo for "There Was"

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