Editor: [Jackie Ophir?]
Publisher: Horizon, The Blake's Seven Appreciation Society
Date: January 1988

Linda S. Willard, "In the Wake of Ruin" (S5; A-V)
Judith M. Seaman, "All the Days of Christmas" (S2; humor)
Nick Cheeseman, "Deja Vu" (S5; A-Se; uc A/C)
Margaret Scroggs, "For Jenna" (S4; B-J)
Jill Grundfest, "The Infection" (S2; C-J)
Lee Steadman, "Never Say Die" (S3-S4; post-Terminal; Se)
Barbara Lefler Jackson, "The Final Fear" (S4-5; C-A-V)
Faye Bull, "Visiting Hours" (S5; A-V-B)
Judith M. Seaman, "Till Armageddon" (S4; Deva)
Fliss Davies, "My Late Lamented Friend" (alt-S2; alt- Killer; A)

Tim Pieraccini front c. Se
p. 4 V-A; illo for "In the"
p. 33 J, C, G; illo for "All"
back c. A-B
Fliss Davies p. 29 B; illo for "All" (figure)
p. 64 J
Harry Eckman p. 29 B; illo for "All" (bkgrd)
Jo Jobson p. 42 A-C; illo for "Deja Vu"
p. 45 B-J; illo for "For Jenna"
p. 88 Se
Rory Hull p. 108 Fed trooper

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