Mini Review By Sarah Thompson

Judith's =Nova=, a basically sweet PGP Avon/Servalan, if you can imagine such a thing. I am also very partial to the Kathy Hanson illustrations for =Nova=, especially (of course!) the one of Avon dangling from the ceiling on p. 107.


NOVA (novel by Judith Proctor; S5; A/Se, V/ocf)
Publisher: Horizon (Sutton, Surrey)
Date: August 1994

Chapter titles:
1. "Omega and Alpha"
2. "A Conflict of Interests"
3. "The Road to Damascus"
4. "United We Stand"
5. "Rendezvous with Death"
6. "The Historian's tale"
7. "Earth"
8. "Journey"
9. "Family"
10. "A Family Divided"
11. "Crossing the Rubicon"
12. "Fragments"
13. "The Shadow of Death"
14. "To Thine Own Self Be True"

Art, all by Kathy Hanson, all illos:
cover A-Se, title
p. 7 V
p. 13 A-Se-V
p. 35 A-Se-ocms
p. 49 A/Se
p. 55 O-Nova (ocf)
p. 60 A, B on screen
p. 71 A-Se-Nova (ocf)
p. 79 A-Nova (ocf)
p. 99 V-Nova (ocf)
p. 107 A-Se-ocm
p. 118 Se-Nova (ocf)

Chapter 1 of Nova

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