Interface 12

Review By CB

Interface 12
Paper cover, staple bound. 100 pp.
The cover has a fetching drawing of Vila by Kathryn Andersen, and the stories cover a range of writing styles. "Dragonrider" by Narrelle Harris has Vila in a mythical world fighting against and alongside dragons, dwarves and the like. "The BBC (Beeb Budget Cuts) or (Why Blake really happened)" by Jan Harley is quite an amusing piece of writing that also involves Dr Who.

"Vila's Story" by Natalie Jane Pryor is an eighteen page story about Vila's life in the months leading up to the London. This is a well thought out and convincing account that fits with the Vila we see in the series; it's not too sentimental but certainly not devoid of feeling.

"Intergalactic Velvet" by Leah Rosenthal and Ann Wortham first appeared in Southern Seven. The title makes any explanation of the content superfluous; if you like comic stories, this is a very good one. "Outside" by Helen Parkinson is one of those deceptively simple narratives that uses a brief moment to bring out different aspects of character. It reveals Vila's reactions on being briefly left alone on Saurian Major, his feelings of agoraphobia, uncertainty and need for reassurance, and his experiences of life as a Delta. Short but excellent. I have a weakness for this type of story; more, please.

The last story is "Perils of Cheat and Charmer" by Ros Williams, which has Vila as a prisoner of Servalan. I didn't find this one very convincing. I can't see the crew, especially Cally, abandoning him to his fate for over two months, nor Servalan behaving as unwisely as she does here. [Note its possible that although the club has folded that the zines are still available - Judith]

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