Review By Morrigan.

Blake, Avon, Cally, and Vila help a nomadic group of rebels fight the Federation in an effort to reclaim their primitive planet. Easier said than done in xBryn Lantry's dark and provocative tale, which refutes any attempt to easily encapsulate. Blake is at an emotional and moral crossroad and Avon is determined to pull Blake in one specific direction. If you enjoy angst at a thoughtful, intellectual level, you will likely enjoy this tale which serves as a reminder that Avon might have been a more than competent psychomanipulator.

Lantry's style is very dark and she makes her readers work. During the reading, I varied between liking the story, admiring the story, and disliking the story. I liked this novel much better when I had time to give it serious consideration afterwards. It's worth the effort and I recommend it.

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