Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Forbidden Shores

A Voyage to the bottom of the sea slash anthology.

Twelve contributions by Lindar, the Captain, Ishmael, Katy, Julie, Shanlun, and rubber Johnnie, plus ten Drabbles by Lindar, Julia and Charlie Tuna.

Dream Chasers is a flashback to the time of the Nautilus, an evocative story of Crane and Nelson's first attraction and unrequited love. Loved I Not Honour is also set in the same time period, another version of the same basic theme. The two stories make an interesting comparison of two writers' very different styles.

Lulling you into a false sense of security, The Deepest Lie is a simple, eligant first-timer, the kind of story that never fails to warm the heart. But then we take you into deeper waters, from Downtown Knight, an unusual glimpse into the background of Kowalski and Patterson, to the pure fantasy of Dreamtime.

What a Thought! is a wicked journey through the unbridled imaginations of Kowalski, Chip and Nelson. No prizes for guessing who is occupying those lascivous thoughts! While Lee's solo sojourn on his motorcycle when he's missing Nelson in Silver and Black is really hot - only topped by the disgracefully sexy Up Periscope!.

Through the Porthole is a very alternative universe - where Nelson must earn his keep in the most unusual way - and the two stories should be taken with a liberal dose of seasalt. The same may be said of Rubber Johnnie's Scurrilous Sea Shanty, which will definiely raise a smile. There are also ten Drabbles, short-stories with really witty or sexy themes.

Time and Tide is deinitely wicked and may offend readers of a nervous disposition, so remember, you have been warned. We love it!

The final story, Recollections, is a poignant jewel which beautifuuly rounds off the chronological order of the entire zine.

117 pages with many black and white illustrations.

Forgive, If I Forget Thee

A full length Voyage to the bottom of the Sea slash novel.

Crane shifted his butt on the desk corner and stretched, breathing s small sigh. "Well, that's another long tour almost over. We'll soon be home."

"Ah, home." Nelson echoed the pleasant anticipation in Lee's voice. "That'll be nice. Anything you specially want to do?"


Nelson felt a slight flush rise to his cheeks at the brazen lights in Lee's eyes as he was fiixed by his captains gaze."

It all seems like plain sailing as the submarine Seaview nears home - but Captain Crane and Admiral Nelson's amarous plans for shore leave are shortlived. A few hours after docking, Lee Vanishes.

Has he been kidnapped by enemy agents and brainwashed for Seaview's defense secrets? When Nelson finds him, days later in a hospital hundreds of miles away, he cannot tell. Crane has lost his memory, not only of what happened to him since Seaview arrived at Santa Barbara - but also the preceding eighteen months.

To Lee, the Admiral is a man he heo-worshipped as a young lieutenant, not even a close friend. He cannot recall his release from the navy and transfer to Seaview. Nor does he remember that they gay instincts he put on hold to further his career were awoken when he fell in love with Nelson.

Chip Morton is a shadow from the past, Sherriff Farlow is a prospect for the future, and Harriman Nelson? He is always at Lee's side worried and frustated, waiting and hoping for his lover to return. The plot weaves a complex tapestry of past and present before speeding to a thrilling climax.

180 pages, 5 black and white illustrations.

Lindar's Voyages

A 'Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea' slash anthology, containing 7 stories by Lindar.

Under A Silent Sea Despite his outward calm efficientcy, Lee Drane's dreams are haunted by Farrell's death.

Just For Being Alive After Lee is almost lost on an enemy submarine, Nelson's welcome is especially warm.

Confessions by Lindar and The Captain. An exchange of letters between Crane and Nelson reveals jealousy among the jokes.

This Stealthy Serpent Nelson's former lover causes sparks to fly when he visits Santa Barbara and first meets Lee.

Passage of Time An ageing Crane, living with Nelson in their retirement, experiences a strange dream.

Highest Game of All by Lindar and The Captain. In a longer exchange of letters, Crane and Nelson divaulge their secret sexual fantasies.

95 Pages with illustrations.

No Greater Love - The Complete Phantom

A full length slash novel by Linday.

A complete slash novelization of the two episodes The Phantom Strikes and Return of the Phantom.

There have been more stories written about the two Phantom episodes than any other, but none of them straight or slash, have ever seemed to offer the whole story, or fully to have expored the depth of Krueger's tragic, undying love and its parallel in the great love between Crane and Nelson. No Greater Love sets the matter right in Lindar's unique style, and shows just how much more can be read between the lines than we ever get to see on the screen.

This labour of love look Lindar two years to create, and the result is something that has never been attempted before - an all out effort to make sense out of the incredible, and fill in gaps that were impossible.

When Lee is taken over by Krueger, what happens to Lee's mind? He's not gone far, because he returns every time Krueger leaves. Is he overpowered and unaware? Our strong willed and courageous captain? No way, he's in there fighting tooth and nail to claim his body back. But can Lee forgave Harry for that shot which almost killed him? Will Harry ever be able to forgive himself for allowing Krueger to take over his will and force the attempt on Lee's life? All the answers you ever wanted are right here.

No Greater Love has true love, sex and angst; all the familiar crew plus Krueger, Lani and Maria; mental struggles between Krueger's spirit and the minds of Crane and Nelson; the ultimate battle between good and evil. Seaview sinks, Mulayo explodes, Doc Jamieson rushes around trying to hold everyone together... there's hardly a moment to draw a breath. In fact it's just like the tru Voyage episodes - only better by far!

145 pages and 20 illustrations.

Nor the Demons Down Under The Sea

A full length slash novel - 179 pages 10 illustrations.

Lee glanced back along the stretch of clean, silver white sand and came to a sudden halt. His jaw dropped, and for a moment he was so surprised he was unable to formulate a single constuctive thought. A naked young man was walking out of the water, shining rivulets cascading off him as he stepped out of the shadows and onto the sand.

Who is this beautiful stranger from the sea, and why does his presence aboard Seaview cause disruption among the crew and such terrible temptation for Lee Crane? Is he just a man - or something else?

Despite its stolen human perceptions, it was incapable of imagining failure or defeat. It wanted Crane. It needed this man for its continued survival. To the creature that was now Tenamu Marcusson, the equation was as simple as that, It wanted - and it took.

As Lee succumbs to the invader's irrestitible attraction, Nelson is left wondering and worrying - until he discovers his betrayal. Will the Admiral's scientific mind see through the creature's guisee - and will he be strong enough to defeat its power? And who wins, if Nelson's love and trust in Lee cannot be reclaimed?

This is a very sexy story. A tale of temptation, betrayal, jealosy and lust, set on Seaview with all the familiar characters we know and love. It is also pure science fiction, and the "monster" is a tribute to the mermaid and the green cabbage man, in a form Irwin Allen could never have imaginied in his wildest dreams.

But the thread which holds Demons together is the one true love which binds Lee Crane to Harriman Nelson, and nothing can come between them for ever. Neither the Angels in Heaven above - nor the Demon from under the sea.

No Holds Barred #7

(106 pgs) Voyage SLASH (Age Statement Required) - An hallucinogenic drug sends Lee Crane off into a trip into his future - and that of Harry Nelson A gang of saboteurs imprison Lee Crane and Chip Morton and leave them to their deaths - and in the dark, many secrets are confessed A bittersweet encounter between Chip and Lee Authors include: The Captain, Lindar. Cover by Anja Gruber.

Or Else This is a Dream

(P.P. Press) (75 pgs) Crane/Nelson slash. A novel by Lindar. Imprisoned by a ruthless enemy, Commander Lee Crane of the SSRN Seaview has no hope of escape or rescue. Even his friends believe him to be dead. Admiral Nelson believes deep in his heart that his friend and lover is still alive, but where is Lee? And can the strength of Nelson's love reach out to bridge the way between them before it is too late to save Lee from being shipped out of the country? In the dark catacombs beneath an ancient Albanian port, the Admiral's hopeless search for his beloved Captain becomes a desperate battle between life and death.

My Kisses Shall Teach Thy Lips

(P.P. Press) (104 pgs) 104 pgs. A trilogy of linked slash stories by Lindar. From near-death in the diving bell to romance on an idyllic island, life looks set fair for our favourite pair of submariners - then Nelson's self-doubt reaches crisis point.

The Hell Of Waters

174 Pages. Crane/Nelson adventure novel by Lindar about an enemy sub and a secret weapon. Includes rape. This is a love-before-duty adventure story with a core of steel. Although traumatic events tear Crane and Nelson apart, everything hinges on love and the sacrifices made in its name and the power of love to heal the wounded spirit.

Sir, More Than Kisses

(53 pgs) SLASH - Crane/Nelson SLASH - From the author's own words: "Once upon a time on a Voyage far, far away, we thought 'wouldn't it be wonderful to have a love letter from Lee, or from Harri'. Once we'd written one letter each, we found it an addictive as well as a fascinating experience. " Series of love letters exchanged during a lengthy separation endured by Lee & Harri.

Deep Waters Only

From P.P. Press 95+ pages. Ten stories by Ishmael, Lindar, Ginger and The Captain illustrating the warmer moments in the relationship between Admiral Nelson and his beloved Captain. Our usual watchwords of Passion, Angst, Love and Sex (P.A.L.S.) feature strongly in this selection of romantic interludes - sometimes funny, sometimes sad, always entertaining. Who could help falling for our admirable Admiral and his captivating Captain?!

If There Are No Stars

- a novel by The Captain. (130 pages). At a weekend conference away from the pressures of life aboard Seaview, Lee and Harri find that there's more than friendship on the agenda. Despite the relaxed atmosphere distractions abound: unconventional colleagues, stressful seminars, and worst of all, competition for the Admiral's affections. Doubt vies with hope as they struggle towards a firmer understanding of the deep and tender feelings they can no longer ignore.
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