by Amanda Warrington


"Of course we'll have to tell Cowley..." Doyle's voice was raised, as he started to get defensive.

Bodie shook his head. "You've got to be out of your tiny mind, sunshine." There was no affection in the endearment. "You tell him, and we kiss goodbye to CI5."

"We can't not tell him, " Doyle argued. "If we tell him ourselves, we won't be a security risk. Besides, he's bound to suss it out sooner or later..."

"Why should he?"

"For a start, he's gonna wonder why we've stopped dating birds..."

Bodie's mouth firmed into a thin line.

"You are going to stop, aren't you?" asked Doyle, his voice quiet, his body absolutely still.

"Don't know. I haven't exactly had time to give it any thought." Resentment that they were having this conversation shone on Bodie's face.


Post "Discovered in a Graveyard". Bodie and Doyle are assigned surveillance on a Member of Parliament who is having an affair with another man, which forces them into examining their feelings for each other. But complications in their case and their lives set the stage for misunderstanding and reconciliation...

Color cover by Caren Parnes.

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Last changed on 25th of November 2000