Homosapien #1

Room to Play (Booker) by Arcane - Chick Sterling asks Booker to baby-sit Bill 'Cementhead' Bludworth, the ice hockey champ. That was when the trouble started.

Into the Shadows (Edge of Darkness) by Stew - Craven was glad to have Jedburgh beside him, an unexpected partner in a world gone mad. Until he began to doubt even Jedburg's motivations.

Just for Your, From 6 Universes: 320 Crossed Out Possibilities by Jane Carnall - an exploration of some cross-universe combinations and why they wouldn't work... and occasionally why they would.

My Kingdom for a Horse and I Go Before My Horse to Market (Eroica) by Barbara Tennison - Will 'Iron' Klaus at last surrender to the overwhelming Earl Dorian Red Gloria?

Plain Tales from the Legends (by Jane Carnall) - original Greek myth.

Just When You Least Expect It (Pros) by Stew - A homophobic Bodie, now 38-years-old, seems to be falling in love with Doyle, and he doesn't quite know what to do about it. Where can he turn for advice?

Thinking of You (Buckaroo Banzai) by Arcane Annie - Buckaroo ponders his relationship with Rawhide.

Nightflyers (Nightflyers) by Tim Howe - The story re-told in bold brilliant comix. A group of people leave Avalon Spaceport in the 21st century, in search of an entity that might only exist in D'Branin's mind.

Every Risk You Take (Pros) by Stew - Doyle has a confession to make which changes everything Bodie thought and felt about him.

The Name of the Game (Wiseguy) Melody Clark - Jenny McPike arranges to meet Vinnie on Christmas Eve, and then lays all her cards on the table.

Amber Ambiguities (B7) by xBryn Lantry - Blake is captured by Travis on a deserted world, and they force each other to face a few home truths.

Night Touches Me (Simon & Simon) by YJ - A beautiful poem of love more than brotherly.

Homosapien #2

The Right Place to Be (Pros/Booker crossover) by Arcane Annie & Stew - The indignity of helping Booker ('a queer playing at being a hood') baby-sit a 15-year-old pop star, makes Bodie wonder if he's died and gone to hell.

Do Blonds Really Have More Fun? (Eroica/Man From UNCLE) by Barbara Tennison - Klaus introduces Dorian to the 2 UNCLE agents, and asks a favour from him.

Why Shouldn't It Be Me? (Jane Carnall) a re-telling of a legend (original fiction)

Burden of Dark (Batman) by Stew - A young hustler meets the Dark Knight, his twilight hero, and learns Batman's burden of secrets.

Nightflyers (Nightflyers) by Tim Howe - more of the story re-told in bold, brilliant comix.

With All My Symbiotes... (ST:TNG) by Susan Douglass - Dr Beverly Crusher has fallen in love -- with Odan, a creature who needs a human body as a symbiotic partner to exist. Odan's first 'host' was male, but the second host has the rounded curves of a woman...

Those Who Hunt the Night (Those Who Hunt the Night) by Emily Ross - a poem inspired by a relationship with a vampire.

Brand New Day (B7/Classic Star Trek) by Jane Carnall - Alone on a planet wrecked by the destruction of Star One, the tired old rebel Blake rescues an exotic from a gang of Slave traders.

Valmont (Dangerous Liaisons) by Stew - excerpts from young Danceny's journal reveal a different Valmont.

Now There Was a Day (Damiano) by Arcane Annie - Damiano spends a happy day free from care with his friend Raphael

Watch Song of the Congerie (by Emily Ross) - a poem of tradition and kinship

Hanging in Time (Man from UNCLE) by YJ - Illya, captured and tortured by a THRUSH agent, waits for Napoleon to rescue him. Yet again.

Young Tor Skylow (Star Wars) - Tor's adventures in comix form. She's into beautiful boys and bad girls.

Submissive It Ain't (Pros) by Dawn Woods - In a 'philosophical sex scene', Doyle reflects on his and Bodies very different reactions to their sex.

Puppeteer (B7) by xBryn Lantry - A magnificent novella (available separately under the Blakes 7 catagory). Avon - stuck on Kisir Kadin, a world of shifting weather and religion, with Blake, Vila and Cally - finds his obsession with Blake growing.

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