Espresso for One

(Kathy Resch) (146 pgs) This zine features stories about relationships with oomph - the sort that gives the reasers a caffeine jolt - double espresso style - whether they are sexual (straight, slash or less-well-defined), or explore characters who are "just" friends or bitter enemies. Includes slash in the following fandoms: Highlander, eroica, Batman returns, ST:TNG, Tombstone, Pros, Wiseguy, Good Omens, Garfield, Due South and more. 115,400 words.

SLASH (Age Statement Required)

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(Includes the following - and more!)

By Wisdom, Peace (Annie Stuart) Highlander movie - She looked like someone the Kurgan knew. A long time ago, way back before everyone started looking alike. It was something about the tilt of her head, the way she faced him so defiantly.

Ever After (by Barbara Tennison and Colette T Bolech) Eroica - Today Dorian felt particularly dazzling, for Major Eberbach had sent a message that he would be visiting England in the near future, and would be most grateful if the Earl could host him from Friday next, and so weiter... The frisson of desire for his beloved Major, and Klaus's answering energy, were the best thing in Dorian's current existence.

Dealing with Rage (by Stew) Batman Returns - The Catwoman paused to lick at her hand, cleaning it, then stroked her hand back over an ear. She stretched in languorous satisfaction, rolling her shoulders back, and declared, "I feel so delicious tonight. Who shall I play with?"

There are Five Lights (by Jane Carnall) ST:TNG - Picard raised his hand and smashed the box down, hard. It felt good, though the force of the blow made his muscles ache, and he did it again, harder, the sound ringing round the room as his own screams echoed still. Behind him the door opened, and Gul Madred came briskly up the long room, saying, "That won't help. I have many more."

Requiescat (by Stew) Tombstone - Shadow man approached, wary, resolved into a moonlit Johnny Ringo. He and Doc Holliday considered each other from a safe distance. Neither of them valued safety: Ringo walked closer and said, "That was some show you put on back there."

(Stew's other Tombstone stories feature Billy and Fabian, Doc's friendship with Wyatt Earp, and Doc's affair with his fifteen-year-old cousin Juliet)

Time-crossed lovers (by Jane Carnall with Ann Johnson) Pros - Dedicated affectionately, to all writers of "hysterical historicals" (Don't you realize what you've been putting the poor sods through?)

Sonnets: Wiseguy (by Jane Mailander) Wiseguy - Five sonnets exploring five fascinating characters.

The Ineffable, the Internal and the Inelegant (by Stew) Good Omens - The angel just looked at the demon, unamused with the practiced ease of one who has spent six thousand years being unamused by Crowley, and who wasn't going to start laughing at him now.

Eden's Eighth Day (by Julien) Due South - "At eighteen? I had decisions to make. I'd wanted to be a copy since forever, it was my childhood dreams. I used to run around the neighbourhood shooting the bad guys." Ray was almost smiling at the memory. "Did you play mounties and robbers when you were a kid?"

And loads more.

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