The Acovone Archive

A magazine dedicated to the actor Jay Acovone Reprinted magazine articles, episode guides and photos of the actor, some short fiction and artwork.

In the Spotlight

An interview fanzine. What would our favourite characters have to say in a press interview? This features Scandal Jackson (COBRA), Joe Maxwell (Beauty and the Beast) and Jett O'Neill. All 'Interviews' by Dee Croft.

At The Sign Of The Shady Tree

Where tellers of tales may meet. In the Middle Ages, travelling storytellers would journey from village to village collecting an audience and then entertaining them with tales. The Storyteller would choose a position in the centre of the village, usually the village green and would fly a banner to indicate that the entertainment was about to begin. The largest tree on the green would provide welcome shelter and shade for the storyteller and his listeners.

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Espresso for One

(Kathy Resch) (146 pgs) This zine features stories about relationships with oomph - the sort that gives the reasers a caffeine jolt - double espresso style - whether they are sexual (straight, slash or less-well-defined), or explore characters who are "just" friends or bitter enemies. Includes slash in the following fandoms: Highlander, eroica, Batman returns, ST:TNG, Tombstone, Pros, Wiseguy, Good Omens, Garfield, Due South and more. 115,400 words.

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Espresso #2

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Espresso #3

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(Kathy Resch) Multi-media slash fanzines. SLASH (Age Statement Required)

Men Who Dare

(Edited by Triffid's Leg Press) (118 pgs) Fourteen multimedia short stories by Lindar - previously published in other fanzines. - Contains fiction in Biggles (2 stories), The Long Ranger, Next Generation, Land of the Giants (2 stories), Planet of the Apes, Captain Scarlet (5 stories), Thunderbirds (2 stories), Time Tunnel.

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No Holds Barred

(Kathleen Resch) Multimedia

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Satyrnalia #3

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This Happy Breed Of Men - This England

A anthology slash zine with fiction in Soldier, Soldier, Sherlock Holmes (2), The Champions (2), Perfect Scoundrels (2), Journey into Space, Proffessionals, and Tom Brown/Flashmen. 124 Pages.

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