Maple Syrup #1

Short ad: (105 pgs) Due South slash from Julien, Quill, Gillian Middleton, Annie Stuart and more. 77,800 words of quality fiction.

Expanded ad:


Kisses and Promises (by Julien) Fraser had a hold of Ray by the shoulders. It was late, the atmosphere had been fraught with danger and drama, they were alone in the dark night amidst rows of used cards. Ray was looking particularly appealing.

After the Deal (by Gillian Middleton) "Look at your face, Benny. Look what they did to your face." Ray touched a gentle finger to the part of Fraser's lip that wasn't swollen, ignoring the busy police station beyond the canteen's door.

Parental Guidance Recommended (by Julien) "You've turned into a fairy, Raymond." "Oh, THIS I need," Ray commented with great sarcasm. He glanced into the rear-view mirror to see his father sitting in the back seat of the Riviera, looking tragically dismayed.

Standing Still (by Quill) Ray's face paled. He'd never seen Fraser like this before. Mesmerised by the sight of all that strength lying passive, Ray let his hand rest on that sweating skin, just rest there, nothing else. "Get a grip, Vecchio," he muttered to himself. "For Christ's sake, he's sick, don't be such an idiot."

File it Under M for Miscellaneous (by Annie Stuart) Welsh finally gets around to reading all those self-reprimands Fraser has been filing.

In Vino Veritas (by Gillian Middleton) "Fraser! Are you telling me you actually... you know." Ray made a graphic hand gesture. Slightly defensive, Fraser said, "There's nothing wrong with it."

Waiting (by Quill) The light swung back and forth making shadows dance across the still figure on the floor. Ray stood staring down at it and felt his soul cringe. Falling onto his knees and reaching out, Ray gently tugged at the sleeve of the red uniform, then he turned aside and threw up.

More Things (by Gillian Middleton) Garret looked around Fraser's empty apartment. A few pieces of furniture, a cracked mirror, some clothes hung from hooks in the wall. Painfully clean and tidy, and yet so devoid of possessions. Garret thought of his own meagre belongings, tucked away safely in the soup kitchen. Why, he almost had more than this cop did.

One Too Many (by Quill) Francesca froze. That was a woman's voice. Fran moved over to the bed, pulled the covers back and stared at a heady of curly hair. Then Elaine's eyes looked up into Fran's, and it all came back to her.

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