Dark Shadows

Beginnings: The Island of Ghosts

A Dark Shadows novel by Kathleen Resch and Marcy Robin. Against a historical background of civil war and slave rebellion, of secrets, voodoo and sudden death, Josette DuPres and Angelique Bouchard grow to womanhood... each seeking the love they know that someday they will find.

Dark Changeling

A Dark Shadows novel by Lori Paige. Lethe had finally found a family. But on her trip to Collinsport to meet her new-found relatives, her body is possessed by a jealous ravening power; one striking out blindly against the injustices in her own life, consumed with hate. And on her arrival, the thing inside her body set every inhabitant of the Collins estate against each other...

Dark Shadows Concordance

Episode summaries, rich and wonderful illustrations by Warren Oddsson, gorgeous photos - this MUST HAVE collection of episode summaries of the original Dark Shadows series is the work of a lifetime by fans who clearly loved the show!

Shadows in the 90s

The "making of" the NBC series. Interviews with Joanna Going & Lysette Anthony, Planned Year Two Plot Scenarios, 100+ Photos & Publicity Materials, Cast Biographies, Behind The Scenes Information.

David Hofstede's Dark Shadows Video Reviews

Reviews all 200 Volumes + special videos including "The Best of Barnabas", "Bloopers", etc. Reviews note key plot developments, bloopers, memorable moments, etc.

Decades: 1760 - 1800

This anthology focuses on the lives, loves and tragedies of the Collins and DuPres families during the years 1760 to 1800. Events depicted on the series are explored and expanded upon; backgrounds given to familiar characters; 'what if' possibilities are explored. Contains stories by Virginia Waldron, Marcy Robin, Kathleen Resch, Jean Graham, Geoffrey Hamell, Dale Clark.

Echoes I

Stories by Lori Paige, Jean Graham, Carol Maschke, Meghan Powell-Nivling, Melody Clark and Virginia Waldron. Art by Jane Lach, Dave Billman and Anne Marie Erental, with color cover by Cindy Jorgensen.

From the Shadows Marcy Robin

A collection of the best of Marcy's stories, taken from many long out-of-print fanzines. Includes: "Shadowed Soul", "Twilight Hour", "Lonely Spirit", 23 others. Art by Janet Meehan, Randall Besch, Andrea Palencar and Sherlock.

From the Shadows Virginia Waldron

A collection of the best of Virginia's stories, taken from many long out-of-print fanzines. Includes: "Merry Christmas, Willie Loomis", "The Scars of Betrayal", "The Outcasts" and four more. Art by Anne-Marie Erental.

A Gift of Memory: The Grayson Hall Memorial Collection

Edited by Melody Clark and Beth Klapper, the former co-directors of Grayson's Official Fan Club. Features the best of Dark Shadows fandom's writers including Beth Klapper, Charles Ellis, Guy Haines, Nora Jeffrey, Carol Maschke, Adriana Pena, Marcy Robin, Kathleen Resch, May Sutherland, Jeff Thompson and more, as well as artwork by Jo Ann Christy, Guy Haines and Janet Meehan. An entire section is devoted to stories exploring the relationship of Barnabas and Julia. Especially for "A Gift of Memory" - "Grayson Hall" by Kathryn Leigh Scott, a memoir written exclusively for "A Gift of Memory" by one of the Dark Shadows' stars who knew her best.


A novel by Nancy College which follows the adventures of Jessica Coleridge, a friend of Victoria Winters from the or-phanage, with a mysterious past of her own - a past that leads back to the 1790s. Jessica's involvement in the events of 1967 and 1968 means vast changes for all of the Collisn family.

The Lara Zine

A zine totally dedicated to Lara Parker and all of the riveting characters she portrayed on "Dark Shadows". Features sto-ries by some of fandoms best writer, plus a special photo section titled "The Many Faces of Lara Parker".

My Boy Willie

by Christina E. Pilz

This is the story of Barnabas'release from the coffin and his first few months at Collinwood. Claustrophobic and terrifying, this is a view of Barnabas as seen by the man who released him into the 20th century, Willie Loomis.

Never And Again

A DARK SHADOWS novel by S. Ramskill. After a devastating illness strikes first Barnabas, then Julia, they find the solution in the Far East - and finally acknowledge their love. But their return to Collinsport is fraught with danger - for Nicholas Blair has also returned, and the hellish army he raises threatens to destroy not only their love - but their lives...


A DARK SHADOWS Novel by Kathleen Resch. In the year 1970, Barnabas Collins returned from Parallel Time - and found a woman he thought he knew very well. Her name was Roxanne Drew - and she appeared identical to the woman he'd made in that strange alternate universe. But this Roxanne was a vampire. And though she denied knowing him, she remembered him all too well. For it was he, in the year 1840, who made her into a vampire. But this was a life he had not, as yet, lived... And the time paradox could doom them both... or set them free to live the life of their dreams... But they also face danger. Professor Stokes has guessed their secret - and has determined on their deaths.

Passion in the Shadows

Novel by Jane Rowan: A steamy bodice-ripper set in 1795, featuring the gorgeous and headstrong Elaine MacFadden in a passionate love-affair with Barnabas Collins. Rated R. (Age Statement Required)

Rebirth of the Undead

A Dark Shadows novel by Elwood Beaty and D. L. Crabtree. An ancient evil is brought upon the world, and Barnabas Collins finds a most unexpected ally Count Dracula - in his fight to save Collinwood. Illustrated by Guy Haines.

Resolutions in Time

A novel by Dale Clark. Collinwood, 1971: After Barnabas and Julia returned from 1840, all was calm. Then a mysteri-ous stranger came to town, and their peace was shattered in a reign of terror such as Collinwood has never known. And when they learned the stranger's identity, they realized his intent was not only to destroy the Collins family in the present, but in every generation that has ever existed. Thus began a desperate race back through time until they reached the heart of the mystery, the curse which has plagued the Collins family for centu-ries. Illustrated by Judi Boguslawski.

Secrets in the Shadows

A novel by Jane Rowan. In a parallel time, in the 1830's, Josette DuPres Collins presides over a household comprising of her twin sons, Bramwell and Barnabas Collins. Bramwell, volatile and violent, is a contrast to his gentler twin, Barnabas. A stormy night brings Amanda Hawthorn, new governess to Daniel Collins, to the doorstep of the Old House. Both brothers are immediately attracted... But a powerful force brings the Barnabas Collins from our time, from the 20th century, into their world - and he and Amanda recognize their powerful attraction. But Angelique is not far behind.... A novel of high romance in the "bodice ripper" tradition.

Shadowed Beginnings

A novel by Carol Maschke. Julia Hoffman's disappearance from Collinwood greatly worried her friends. When Elliot Stokes found her, the secret she told him revealed more pain and personal tragedy than she'd ever known.

Tales from the Shadows #1

Three Dark Shadowed novellas: "Scattered Dreams" by Terry Bowers focuses on Julia Hoffman; "Leap Into The Shad-ows" by Trudi Rosenbaum is a "Dark Shadows" - "Quantum Leap" crossover, and "Brethren of the Fang" by Andy Nunez is a tale of supernatural menace.

What If The Night Never Ended and The Day Never Came?

A DARK SHADOWS Novel by Mary Elizabeth Overstreet What if... Barnabas was not killed at the end of "House of Dark Shadows"? What if... Maggie joins him as one of the undead, and Willie Loomis must serve both of them? Even when the vampires face their fate and Willie manages to excape and begins to make a new life for himself, the long reach of the evil from Collinwood is still able to track him down...

The Winds of Eternity

A Dark Shadows novel by Nancy Eddy. A reincarnation story between Barnabas and Angelique, it goes from Celtic England to 1960s Collinsport, exploring the ties that bind them through 4 lifetimes.

The Year of the Fire Game

A novel by Lori Paige. Collinwood - late 1700's. Jeremiah and Barnabas were as close as brothers. Then the mysterious woman named Laura came to town; an intense rivalry began. Then mysterious deaths began occurring...

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