Mask: Tales From the Underground

Beauty and the Beast fiction

Carousel Dreams (by Joan Enright):

Devin, "I wish you were going with me. I did that first time I left, and I do now."

Vincent spoke, "Still Huck and Jim on the Mississippi?"

Devin smiled. "Always. They heard the music and followed it together, even though they risked death in doing so."

Mask #1

While Sleeping, Found (by Rose) Vincent slept on his side. His hair was a wave of brown in the fold of the blanket. He was beautiful, Catherine thought. She could not have told at what point his eyes opened. Perhaps he thought she was not real, for he said nothing, only pulled himself up on one elbow and stared...

Vincent lay back against his pillow, his eyes unable to leave the impossible vision of Catherine, here. It could not be -- and yet his senses all clamorously confirmed the truth.

The Phantom of the Opera fiction --

Night Child (by Marcy Robin)

From his earliest memories, Erik lived with the mask, shielding his ugliness from the world that scorned and reviled it. Yet he possessed something of rare clarity and value, something that could bring sweetness to others...

The Point of No Return (by Susan M Garrett)

Christine has left the Paris Opera House, but the mystery continues. Beautiful young women are being murdered. And Meg discovers that the Phantom may ot have died, after all....

Mask #2

L'Autre Que Je Prefere (by Cathy Ehlers)

Christine has fled Paris, with Raoul. But on the eve of their wedding, she has second thoughts about the Phantom she left behind...

Wandering Child (by Carol Smith)

Christine, now the wife of Raoul de Chagny, has had one child... a very special girl named Adele.

Beyond the Lake (by Joyce Rebaric)

Christine is reunited with Erik. But what kind of life can they have?

Let Angels Reign (by Kay Brinkley)

Erik recalls his life, from childhood through Christine

Sometimes Dreams Can Be Real (by Susan McLeod)

The Phantom is dead. But who - or what - is haunting the Opera House?

Mask #3

Tidings of Comfort and Joy (by Carol Kyne)

Catherine - depressed with memories of her parents during the holiday season, decides she needs solitude, not company. But Vincent and the Helpers recognize her state of mind, and plan a very special holiday season for her...

The Wayfarers (by Joan Enright)

Narcissa grants Vincent and Catherine a vision of a life they shared in Elizabethan England... A tale of a Beast on a phantom ship, condemned to roam the waves in search of a better life, and the Lady who loved him...

A Concert for Father (by Kathie Ono)

Catherine, now living in the world Below with Vincent and baby Jacob, plans a special treat for Father.

Mask #4

Say Thou Not So (by Joan Enright)

Catherine had always been enthralled by the tale surrounding the myserious mansion near Central Park - of the brilliant opera singer who had retired from the world decades ago because of some unnamed tragedy. When the woman's sisters try to have her committed in order to have her property as their own, she learns from Vincent of his own childhood vigil - listening, Below, to the singer's haunting songs.

Marietta stopped at the fourth step, leaning agianst Vincent for support. "I know it must seem terribly old-fashioned to young modern people, such as yourselves, but I find candlelight quite romantic and inspiring."

Vincent and Catherine looked at one another and smiled, then held hands. "Oh, I don't know, Marietta, I think this modern world of ours could use a bit more candlelight and romance." After the third flight, Marietta stopped and handed the small candle holder to Vincent, retaining one candle for herself.

"Here is where I leave you both now. My room is at the end of this floor. You must find the rest of the way yourselves and discover there what you will."

Though Lovers Be Lost (by Claudia Bertrand)

A young woman wakes up, amnesiac, in a farmhouse. She is told by the owner, a disturbing young man named Michael, that she is his wife Sarah; she has been very ill; she lost their child, but everything will be all right for her now.

Matthew tried to put his arm around her but she pulled away. "Sarah, please. This has been my grief, too. Not only is the child gone, but I nearly lost you, too!"

She saw the honest grief in his eyes and her heart broke. She reached out for him and he closed his arms around her tightly, sobbing onto her shoulder as if his heart truly had crumbled into a million pieces. But in that moment of pure anguish, as Sarah held him and heard his cries, she heard another cry out in despair. "You cannot be lost to me." And then she heard the same voice, only softer, saying, "...and death shall have no dominion."

Mouse's Great Adventure (by J.P. Burroughs)

While Above to visit a Helper, Mouse is attacked by a street gang. Injured and exhausted, he takes refuse inside the trailer of a semi-truck.

"Made it," he told himself, sinking to the floor. The pain was now excruciating, and when he sank into the darkness of unconsciousness, it was with a welcome relief.

He was unaware, when the two men loaded the last crate aboard, or when the doors were closed and locked. He did not listen when the two men talked outside the cab.

"That's all of it," said the driver. "Where ya taking this load?" asked the man at the dock.

"Grenville... Grenville, Indiana."

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