Mini Review By Sarah Thompson

This B7-DW gen zine was published in between the two issues of the adult-and-slash all-B7 zine by the same editors, Aquatar.

Carol's story is a humorous one about Avon's repeated unsuccessful attempts to dispose of Tarrant. It was odd to read this shortly after reading Jean Sheward's Dead End, which is a serious treatment of a somewhat similar theme.

And I think the Smurf crossover has got to be the all-time nuttiest crossover ever.


Editors: Angela Reese and Terri Halasz
Publisher: PDC Press (Cleveland, OH)
Date: July 1989
Format: letter size, 135 text pp. + [13] pp. zine ads, yellow card covers, white comb binding

B7 fiction:
Maddog, "Avonberry Crunch" (S2; Smurfs crossover; A; humor)
Maddog, "The Zombie" (S4; V; humor)
Cami, "Nine Lives" (S4, pre-Sand; A-Ta; humor)
Angela Reese, "Who, Jenna?" (S1; DW crossover; J)
Terri Halasz and Angela Reese, "Revelations" (S5)
Pete and Repete, "Totally Weird Zone 2: The Wrath of Cons" (TWZ universe; S1-2; humor)

B7 poetry:
J, "Dayna"
Orac, limericks (Ta; J)

B7 nonfiction:
Carol Grasgreen, "Post Gauda Prime Resumes" (humor)
"Choplogic" (contest)
Brendan O'Cullane, "Word-search: Characters" (puzzle)
Jingle, "B7/DW Riddles"

B7 art:
Judith Boguslawski p. 9 A-Smurf; illo for "Avonberry"
p. 33 V; illo for 'Zombie"
p. 42 D
p. 64 J-DW; illo for "Who"
Adrian Morgan p. 41 Green Giant cartoon
? pp. 132-3 graffiti

Other fandom:

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