B7 Contents of T'SALTA #1

Editor: Mary G. T. Webber

B7 fiction:
Monica Mitchell, "The Face of the Harlequin" (S5)
C.A., "Koma" (S1 or S2, A-B dialogue)

B7 poetry:
Shayne McCormack, "Beyond Doubt"

B7 nonfiction:
Andrea Charlton, "Blake's Seven: Series Outline"
Betty de Gabrielle, "Hero of the Issue: Vila Restal"
Glenn Ludgate, "How to Make the Liberator Handgun"

B7 art: Other fandoms: E.T., GAH, Pros, ST

B7 Contents of T'SALTA #2

Editor: Mary G. T. Webber
Date: December 1984
Format: A4, 96 pp. on gray paper + 3 insert illos on slick white paper, gray card covers, side staples

B7 fiction:
David Tulley, "Beforehand" (pre-S4, pre-Rescue; So-Dorian)
David Tulley, "Ghosts" (S4; A; reprinted from SPACE RAT)
Shayne McCormack, "Film Review: Blake's 7-- Ten Years On" (S5; humor)

B7 poetry:
David Tulley, "Blake"
Bruce Mitchell, "V.C.R.-- D.O.A." (S4, Blake; humor)

B7 nonfiction:
Glenn Ludgate, "How to Make... The Liberator Holster, The Liberator Bracelet"

B7 art:
Karen Masingham p. 4 B
p. 7 Scorpio
Glenn Ludgate pp. 48-49 diagrams for "How to"
Sonja Van Den Ende p. 13 A-B on GP
p. 53a "Avon" (insert)
Other fandoms: MASH, ST, HHGG, Monkey, Blade Runner, DW,
Minder, Pros, SW

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