Multi-media poetry by Mary G. T. Webber, partly reprinted from various zines)
Editor/publisher: Mary G. T. Webber (Glenorie, NSW, Australia)
Date: 1990
Format: A4, 52 pp. on pale gray paper, pale green marbled card cover, center staples

B7 poetry, all by Mary G. T. Webber:
"The Legend"
"Interior Monologue: Gauda Prime" (reprinted from ORBIT #7 and RERUN #5)
"The Legacy" (reprinted from POWERPLAY #6 [not #5 as stated in credits])
"Evening: Gauda Prime" (reprinted from INTERFACE #7 [not #4 as stated in credits] and RERUN #5)
"Blake: The Reasons" (revised reprint from ORBIT #7 and RERUN #5; "with thanks to G. Thomas for final edit")
"Avon: Perihelion" (reprinted from RERUN #5)

B7 art:
Tony Rogers p. 2 caricatures of poet and artists
Suzie Lovett p. 43 S4 A, S2 A, B; illo for "The Legacy;" foldout
Sue Campbell p. 49 S4 A
p. 51 A, V, B, C, So, J
photo p. 47 B in The Way Back

Other fandoms: Bladerunner, WOTW, BATB, H&M, Magnum

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