By Helen Patrick.

Note that the cover of this zine says that it's issue 11, although it's listed correctly as 12 inside.

Multimedia zine, containing three B7 stories, a filk and one piece of art. The art and two stories are actually crossovers, with Bodie from The Professionals. Average to good B7 material, and the stories for other fandoms are generally enjoyable. Well worth considering.

Untitled illo - Suzan Lovett

Very sweet Blake/Bodie in an idyllic woodland setting. Too sweet for my tastes, actually, but it's a beautiful piece of work.

Rebels and Mercs - Catherine

Series 4 (possibly series 3) story about Blake at the time he's setting up the Gauda Prime base. His ship is forced down by the Federation, and he and his bodyguard (Bodie from The Professionals) are stranded for a day or two until it's safe for someone for someone to fetch them. One thing leads to another... Nicely written, and I enjoyed the sex scene.

Echoes of Remembrance - D Ramsey

PGP with Blake coming around in hospital after the shooting. He's drifting in and out of a light dze, and remembering an erotic encounter with a mercenary by the name of Bodie. The memory is triggered because he's attracted to Avon, who's straight, and the encounter with Bodie gave him the closest he was going to get to what he wanted. The story ends with the beginnings of reconciliation with Avon. I didn't enjoy this one as much - oddly, it was the layout that put me off, because the sex scene is in flashback and italics, and I found that this had a distancing effect as I read it.

Poison Ring - Susan Douglas

Jenna has been working as a smuggler after Star One, and has been recruited as Servalan's personal pilot - and bedmate. Since Jenna had apparently cut her ties with the rebels, Servalan doesn't see her as a security threat. But Servalan has made one vital miscalculation.

I just don't buy the basic setup - I don't see Servalan giving that much trust to anyone who'd been involved with Blake, even if some years ago. But I can see the actual scenario as a distinct possibility with someone who wasn't a potential threat. Lots of lovingly written consensual BDSM (this is not a criticism:-). It's f/f, so it doesn't press my buttons, but I think it would be a good story for those with appropriate tastes.

Multimedia poems - Vanessa Mullen

Actually a filk of "God rest you merry gentlemen", with one verse devoted to Avon and Blake.

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Last updated on 21st of December 2007.