Mini Review By Sarah Thompson

The Ultimate Mary Sue, which is just what it sounds like-- except for the first B7 story, in which a PGP Avon is apparently reincarnated as a Hoka, or at least in the Hoka universe. The Hokas are the creation of a pair of classic SF writers-- Poul Anderson and who? I can't remember-- and are in a series of stories that have been collected into books. They are basically fuzzy teddy-bear type aliens who are fascinated by Terran popular culture and like to act it out. So, here's a B7 version.

xBryn Lantry fans should note the story in which she and her cat meet Blake, Avon, and Vila.

The most original Mary Sue of all is Alan Stewart's. She saves them all and expires heroically, leaving behind her offspring by one of the crew members-- Orac. She's another computer. I think this is the first O/ocf story I've ever seen!


THE ULTIMATE MARY SUE (contest winners and other stories from Eccentricon '87)
Editors: Susan Clarke and Gael Williams
Publishers: Ron & Susan Clarke (Faulconbridge, NSW) for Eccentricon '87; authorized reprint by Bill Hupe
Date: 1987
Format: A4, 98 pp.; Hupe reprint has pink card covers, side staples

B7 and B7-related fiction:
Edwina Harvey, "Post Blake With Fangs" (S5; Hoka crossover; A; humor)
Helen Sergeant, "Journey to Babble" (ST/multiple crossover, incl. B7; humor)
xBryn Lantry, "Have Cat, Will Travel" (S1; real world crossover; humor)
Sarah "Nyssa" Groenewegen, "Nobody Ever Visits Their Relatives... Willingly" (real world/DW/ST/etc. crossover, with brief mention of B7)
Alan Stewart, "Computer Games" (S3; O/ocf; humor)

B7 art
Marianne Plumridge p. 24 cartoon illo for "Post" p. 71 xBryn Lantry's cat

Other fandoms: ST, Randall & Hopkirk Deceased, A Team, SW

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